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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

7year post L3-S1 fusion - Adjacent segment instability after lumbar fusion

Started by Trace on 09/08/2011 6:26am

Im a 50 year old male, have had 4 lumbar sugeries. And now concerned. Has anyone experienced this problem in which the upper disk and lower disks of a fusion have started to go out (buldge v herniate) or did herniate? If so what is the treatment, I have an appt to see a specialist next week and I know that these disks are going out. Have been on narc meds for 25 years for chronic back problems through pain management clinics but I decided to come off them (AMA) thinking I was experiencing hyperanalgesia and felt worn out, just basically tired of still feeling pain and taking increased doeses of pain tablets (the ole brain game, do I need these or dont I, am I a drug addict or is my brain playing tricks on me?). It has been over 5 months now taking only tylenol, ibu and gabapentin. Cant say I feel any different other than my mind is cluttered with pain and my nerves are constantly shattered.
SO now the narcs are outta my system, Ive noticed geez I have the symptoms (That come and go) associated with buldging disks above and below my fusion and lately Ive devloped a very painful loud pop that builds up for several days that too is painful but then the oh my lord painful pop happens and hurts more for a few days. Repeating itself over and over.
I saw a surgeon who thinks removing harware, exploring and refusing is the answer.

Any suggestions on types of treatment to get the disks back in shape wihtout surgery or Is this just my destiny?

Experiences and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much

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