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Pseudoarthrosis-failed fusion.Any one have or had this problem?

Started by debblue on 09/06/2011 6:45pm

I had my first back surgery in 5/2009.A posterior laminectomy with fusion of L 3,4,5.The pain seemed better for awhile,and then it started coming back after my surgeon tole me to start P.T. and go back to work only 2 months post sugery.The pain became unbearable,my MD said he "had done a purfect job,and that I shouldn't be having any pain."I got a second opinion,and discovered the rods (screws) were loose in the L4-L5 area,so 4/2010 I had the hardware removed.I tried all the alternative methods available to hopefully heal,to no avail. Oct/2010 I had a anterior intrabody lumbar fusion L4 L5 with synthes luminary bone graph and anterior tension band.I was told to go home,and not do ANYTHING!!
The middle to August I began,once again, to have severe lower back pain.Had an X-ray and then a C.T. scan showing that the bone graph on the lower side was not healing.I am to be fitted for a "bone growth stimulator" soon. I just don't understand this. Has anyone else experienced this?????

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Unfortunately for me I can relate. I've had failed fusions, but never where it involved loose hardware. My experience was from surgery on my cervical spine and lumbar spine. The hardware was solid, but the bone didn't fuse together. Ultimately I've had four neck surgeries and two back surgeries. I still have pain and cannot work outside of doing small house chores. I used a bone growth stimulator as well. That was used after my second neck surgery, it was horrible. I'm not sure if their have been improvements, but the bone stimulator I used was a joke. It was heavy and cumbersome. I would never use one again. But, that was in 01', maybe they have been improved. Also, wearing one around the lower spine might not be as bad. I just would not consider it after having such a bad experience with one. My last spine surgery was in Oct/10', as well. I had two spine surgeries that year. I've gone through pool pt, and floor work pt. I think it helped, but I am sure I will be having another spine surgery someday. I have been told that as much as I've had done, I will always have pain.

Not very optimistic, but hopefully you know you are not alone.

I wish the best of luck for you, and hope you will recover fully!