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*intersegmental Traction -Table / with rollers

Started by arlie on 08/13/2011 10:47pm

Aug. 13 / 2011

Has anyone been on a *intersegmental-Traction-Table ? I went to a local chiropractor explaining my Chronic low back pain level was really troubling me . So after x-rays , he put me on this Table that had rollers under the surface that electronically moved under me - back & forth , as i lay there for 20 minutes or so . the relief afterwords , however brief , was wonderful .
Visits were expensive , eventually had to stop .

Has anyone else tried this and had good results - however limited your pain relief lasted ?

10 Years ago I had two Laminectomy-Lumbar surgeries L-4-5, S-1 Fusion / with hardware-*in . / 2nd. operation - hardware taken *out . Was left with Severe Chronic low back pain . Take medication daily to help control pain , but often its not enough . Am good about not abusing it / meds . Physical therapy hasn't helped , the patch , steroid shots - acupuncture hasn't helped , Tims electro unit - prolotherapy / nada . Yoga / no . Pool therapy helps somewhat at times . 24 / 7 ... i hurt .
Just been checked again by Orthopedic Spine doctor , going to try Deep Tissue Massage thru scar area in low back . He said it can't hurt to try it . Anyone had any luck with that ?

I'd like to hear if anyone has tried the Traction Table , and what results you had . Hope to hear from you soon .


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Sounds like your playing my tune. I had actually started out having manual traction. During this traction the physical therapist realized I'd be a good candidate for the traction table. I had excellent though as you short lived relief. Due to the cost my insurance, workers comp stopped the traction for what they called better remedies, such as Epidural Steroid Injections and Surgery Laminectomy, discectomy, facetectomy, foraminotomy L4-5. I'm in worse condition then before my accident.

I highly recommend back pain sufferers look into traction. One thing my physical therapist did recommend is that I purchase a portable home traction table. They start around $ 1000 but if like me that's the cost of 4 visits.

I'm still begging them to let me have traction treatment again.

The reason the pool helps is because it makes you body weigh less and also allows you spine to stretch same as traction. The ESIs actually cause pressure on the nerves but, they also numb them so you may not feel it, once it wears off though.

TRACTION TABLE worth every penny

I feel your pain, literally Good Luck