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Started by HVACMAN on 08/11/2011 6:10pm

What is exactly is AILF procedure?When people post something ,it would be nice to refrain from using abbreviations,and explain things in more simple terms,after all most of us are not medical professionals.

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an ALIF stands for Anterior Lumbar Inter-body Fusion. basically, it's a procedure in which one or more discs are removed and the vertebrae are fused together. the anterior approach means that they'll go through your lower belly instead of cutting through the musculature of the back. it cuts down on healing time, as the abdominal muscles run horizontally and the incision is horizontal, while the back muscles that are incised also run horizontally, but the incision runs vertically up and down your spine.

Often, two surgical teams are involved: a general surgeon will dissect through your abdomen, the neurosurgeon will do the actual fusion aspect, and then the general surgeon will close you up again. the general docs are more familiar with the anatomy in the abdomen, and know where vital organs and blood vessels are located, while the neuro docs are specialized in the bones and nerves of the spine and brain, etc.

I had an ALIF a year ago. it was miserable. hope you have better luck than I did, if you're considering this procedure, but when i talk to those who've had a TLIF (Trans-foraminal Lumbar Inter-body Fusion) which has a posterior approach, usually the healing time is 6 to 8 weeks longer, just for the incision site.

best of luck to you, and I hope this was helpful :D

Sarah Hensley CST