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Dry Needling

Started by psearby on 07/28/2011 11:20am

My physicatrist did dry needing in the quadrous lumborum, ikiocastolis and sacro tuberous ligaments 4 weeks ago. I am still having some pain and soreness in that area which is located in the muscles above the left hip and next to my left upper rib cage. Has anyone else had this done and was it of any benefit? I really cannot do much in the way of exercise and my doctor tells me it will take 6 to 12 weeks for the muscle to heal. I'm really afraid to do anything. Can anyone give me some advice about this procedure and is this an appropriate procedure to relieve pain. My doctor said she was actually injuring the muscle so that it would have to repair itself and that she has done this many times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had experience with a treatment very similar to dry needling (the difference being that my doctor was also injecting a very small amount of lidocaine at the site to help with the after-pain). His explanations as to why this worked was that he was essentially “overloading” the nerve’s pain receptors, and forcing them to reset – so from that explanation, I don’t think it’s much different then your doctor stating that they are damaging the muscle to force it to repair itself.

The first few treatments that I went for were quite painful / exhausting afterwards. during the treatment and for the first few hours following I was tender but OK, however within a few hours I would feel like I was hit by a truck and spend the better part of the next few days not moving far from the couch and barely being able to focus on watching TV.

I was receiving these treatments for eight months (once every 3 to 4 weeks - depending on my work schedule), and each subsequent treatment had progressively less recovery time, to the point that the final two or three sessions had little to no ill effects. (Luckily)

My advice, and as always with any advice, talk to you doctor before you take it, is to drink a lot of water in the days before and after the treatment, and stretch – gently, and a lot. It was my experience that if I were at all dehydrated before treatment, it would be much worse afterwards

For me, (and I don't know much about your condition, sorry) I have myofascial pain syndrome, and after many years of drugs and various doctor's telling me they don't know why I’m in pain / just take more drugs, the needling did wonders; to the point that after the eight months, and over a year since any treatment other then massage, I have little pain unless I do something that I know is going to set it off.

Good luck, and hopefully it, or something, helps.


Hi psearby,
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