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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

6 Different Diagnosis, still not sure what is wrong.

Started by xylo88 on 07/27/2011 12:20pm

Okay, I have had back complications known about since I was 5 years old, and have had 6 different diagnosis, I would like to have a direct answer and know exactly what is wrong with me its been nearly 20 years of back pain! Here are a few of the diagnosis, dextroscoliosis (this probably isn't spelled correctly), poor posture, uneven hips causing a lower spine curvature, and one leg is shorter than the other. Growing up I had severe pains in my legs, middle and lower back that my parents wrote off as growing pains. I have had a constant back ache since before I can remember, I have learned to put the pain in the back of my mind and I tend to work harder than others just to prove to myself that I can. I get sharp pains in my right hip after walking alot, and I get this horrible stiffening pain on the right side of my spine between ribs if I move the wrong way, I have daily head aches, and recently began having nightly abdominal pains. I have been taking tylenol or excedrine everyday twice a day since I was 13 and sometimes been put on heavier things when I would attempt to get an answer out of my doctors, when I turned 18 I gave up on my doctor(s) and just stayed on a strict regiment of tylenol or excedrine. At 23 now, I'm finding out it maybe very serious because my father has some genetic fusion of vertebrae in his back. Now that I have a baby I need to know exactly what is wrong, for his sake.

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I am a veteran of five back surgeries and two neck surgeries. I started off having a cadaver bone placed in between my C4-C5 of my neck and because a piece of bone broke off I had to have it redone. I have also had five back surgeries, my L5-S1; L4; L3 with spinal stenosis; L2 and finally an anterior posterior surgery for adult scoliosis with placement of two rods from my S1 to my T-12. All in all, I feel pretty good. I am telling you all of this so you will understand that I know what I am talking about when I tell you that you need to go see a Neurosurgeon and have an MRI. The pain in your hips is probably being caused by the way you are walking. I did the same thing after my surgeries in that I developed a certain way to walk that gave me pain similair to bursitis in my left hip and I wasn't aware I was doing it. You were not clear as to whether or not you are currently having any pain going down your leg. If you are, that is a sure sign you are in need of surgery. It sounds like what you have is most likely genetic from your father. This also runs in my family as I have two siblings in need of back surgery. Most likely the neorosurgeon may start you out with physical therapy for a few weeks and then offer you some cortizone injections before he will talk about surgery, this is standard operation procedure. You will be surprised at how much of the pain will be gone after the surgery. One final suggestion, get off the Tylenol because you are destroying your liver. I have had headaches since the age of 13 and I would take Excedrin anywhere from 6-8 per day. Fortunately I did not get an ulcer and I am now on a seizure drug to stop the headaches because my wonderful doctor determined that they are just a part of my chemistry. Get the neurosurgeon to give you some good pain meds and then get off the Excedrin too. Good luck to you.