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Posted in: Back pain.

How to not starve?

Started by fallson on 06/14/2011 8:27pm

Hey guys, I'm going to have a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure on my L4-L5 soon, and the docs have told me not to eat anything about 24 hours before surgery. Problem is, I am a hungry man! How should I cope with this?

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Anybody out there? Maybe I'll try and eat a lot the day before my 24 hour fast...


Tough problem. How about you sleep for the entire 24 hours so you're not aware that you're hungry?! It might be worth asking your doctor for some tips because he / she must encounter patients who must not fast for the 24 hours prior to surgery (a 24 hour fast for a person with diabetes would be difficult). So, the doctors must have some ideas about how to make this easier.

If you can't eat, are you allowed to drink high protein shakes? That can take the edge of an appetite. Drinking a lot of fluid in general helps reduce appetite too (is gatorade allowed?). When I've needed to fast I've found it helps if I don't eat too much the day before (a large meal seems to make my stomach expect more of the same the next day). Also, if I reduce sugar and carbs intake in previous days it helps. Hey, but these are just things that have helped me....no science behind them!

I hope it goes well.


Thanks Sasha! I did talk to the doc, and he recommended the protein shakes. I asked him about diabetics, and he said that the eating thing is not totally necessary, but it does help them.