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degenrative disks disease ... progressing ?

Started by arlie on 06/09/2011 11:49pm

in oct. 2001 , i had DDD surgery - laminectomy fusion hardware . in oct. 2003 , i had to have it removed . *chronic pain afterwords in both cases . it is now 2011 , and last couple months the
pain in my lower back / fusion area has intensified .
for last couple weeks , now the deep aching and burning sensation is very noticable in the middle / L-2-3 disk areas across my back . weakness / aching in both knees to ankles occurs . arch in right foot hurts / toes feel numb at times , feels like a deep bruise in foot .
i suspect these disks above the fusion are now failing , as doctor said would most likely happen ... from 1st. operation almost 10 years ago ?

has anyone had these type symptoms start to happen ? and what was done ? i am headed to doctor appointment next monday . i'd sure like to hear from you .

many thanks ,

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