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2nd surgery on L5 S1...(hern disc)

Started by Kelly G on 06/05/2011 10:47pm

It's been almost 5 weeks since my second surgery. I'm 41 and 125 lbs, don't smoke, drink occasionally and I get the feeling that my back will never be 100% again. How long does it take for the scar tissue to heal? Someone told me because it's my second one there is more scar tissue damage? And what about the inflammation? I have been icing my back about 3/5 times a day, taking it easy, etc..

I called the nurse last week and she had me go in for a blood test just to make sure everything was ok.....infection/inflammation(still waiting on results.) I start physical therapy on 6/6 hoping this will make some difference. All I know is that I'm sick of taking the vicodin and nsaids. Driving is a real experience basically I drive to work and back and that's about it.

My first surgery I bounced right back...was it because I was younger? I sometimes feel this is taking over my life...


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Did you have a decompression fusion surgery? If so, it took me almost 2 years for the nerves to repair themselves. The surgeon should have taken all of the old scar tissue out that was left from your first surgery. I am preparing for my 3rd surgery. This time it will be from L-4 to S-1. previously it was L-5 to S-1. Everyone is different and some of it may be because you are older, but driving was the worse pain for me. I used an orthopaedic back pillow while driving, or for anything that involved sitting down. When you start physical therapy it will be painful, but if you can just stick with it the overall results will be awesome. I hope that it will involve a nice massage before you begin the exercises. I hope this has helped you some. I had a hard time with the nsaids as well. My doctor gave me Lidocaine Patches and that was a big relief. Good luck with you recovery!!


I have had 4 surgeries on L5/S1, scar tissues doesn't heal it's the nerves that need time to heal. Nerves regenerate at the rate of 1cm a month, so you will realize that with each surgery there will be a longer healing process as the old scar tissue is removed but in the removal further nerves are disturbed, new scarbtissue will develop just as when you cut your finger. I find swimming really helps to keep the muscles relaxed while strengthening them, I have days when I can barely walk but after some time in the pool (you don't need to do strenuous workout) I feel so much more flexible and able to walk easier.
Good luck with your recovery, but be patient.