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Bmp 7 Injections for disc regeneration

Started by 63conv on 04/22/2011 8:04pm

There have been several nationwide studies of the use of bmp7 into the disc themeselves. I have watched a news clip on the internet that is astounding to say the least. Patient was comepletly cured with one injecton of bmp7. The mri went from black to bright with excellent hydration.The patient is now running 10 miles a day and has even taken up surfing. The clinical study has concluded but I see no treatments approved in the usa. Is There any Hospital in the world that one could go to and get an injection of bmp7. If I wait until the fda approve the procedure here in the usa I will be an old man and the disc will be beond redemption. What Hospitals in China are doing the injections if any? Please help l5 s1 herniation c5-6 herniation c3-4 fusion . Fusions are a waste of time and do not work Why do doctors keep doing fusions ??

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