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Chronic Back Pain

Started by Ters on 04/08/2011 1:51pm

I have chronic lower back pain for going on 18 yrs now. I'm 51 yrs old and have always been active, I'm thinking that my almost 24yrs in the military has attributed to my now chronic pain. I was initially diagnosed as having degenerative facet joints. Through the years I have had many Chiropractors and Physiotherapists treat my symptoms with varying degrees of relief. Just recently my pain has worsened and the Chiro treatments were no longer giving me any relief, so I stopped going to him. About 2 yrs ago I did have Decompression done and it seemed to work, but it didn't last and at $100.00 per treatment, I couldn't afford to get it done again. I then went to my Family Dr. who is a total waste of time - he basically told me to "go out on my own to try and find someone to help me." I have found a Sports Medicine Dr. but so far I have only seen the physiotherapist and here we go again, "same ol same" exercises that didn't help me the first time. I see the Dr. next week. I did manage to convince my Family Dr. to authorize an updated X-ray (I suggested getting a Cat Scan, but no way he would approve that.) The results of my X-ray are: mild Spondylosis L3-4, Facet joint narrowing at several levels including L4-5 and L5-S1, degenerative sacroilitis and some osteoarthritis of the SI joints. My symtoms are excrutiating "burning" pain when sitting and resting my back against the back of a chair (my job is an office job where I sit all day long in front of a computer) or standing for any period of time. I do stretching many times through the day and walk as much as possible. Has anyone had any similar symptoms and any successful treatments (i.e. surgery and/or cortisone shots) thanks.

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dear ters :

2001 ... i had *fusion - L-4-5 , S-1 / with hardware for broken back / 3 degenrative discs . *outcome was constant chronic pain / intense *burning , heavy ache feeling in fusion area ... whether standing,sitting , laying down , it makes no difference . i was 58 at the time . 2 years later , after 3 other opinions , a 2nd. surgery done to remove All hardware . but still constant chronic pain of intense burning around fusion area, heaviness feeling in lower spine . have tried everything since surgery's ... have asked for several more opinions , but all say another surgery won't help . * i take short / long acting meds 3 x daily / 24 hr. cycle , and walk in a pool 3 times weekly . not to overdue
it . *of all these things tried , these two seem to do the most good for me . but still on a scale of 1 - 10
pain level ... best ever down to a #4 . wish there were more people with good success stories , so many have not had much luck . whether it be a pain therapist , or even a doctor ... until they actually
experience what you go thru daily , only "then" it hits home to what you deal with . i cant walk very far without the burning going into overdrive . i keep looking for answers , been ten years . alters one's
life tremendously doesn't it . don't let anyone talk you into another surgery , without getting several
opinions / *with tests . if you ever do have additional surgery , please pass on the outcome . this is
a good website and all can learn a lot / pro's and con . good luck to you , and everyone .



Hi Ters,
First of all i would like to suggest you find a doc who will order a MRI,X-RAYS will not pick up herniated or bulging disks.I tried everything you did ,including steroid injections,everything was temporary.I am a very fit but i finally opted for the surgery three weeks ago.We will see how it goes.Keep in touch and let me know how it is going for you.
Nurse Nancy


Hi, I have been through most of the remedies you guys mentioned, a few months ago i was introduced to "Cupping Therapy" and it has done magic for me, after 2-3 sessions.. It will give you comfort immediately after and you can also buy the equipments (approx $100) online and do it at home AFTER YOU SEE A PROFESSIONAL and learn how it's done.. there are also videos on youtube.. i bought my 24 piece set from cuppingtherapy net and am very happy with it.. do this often and you will see great results.. i highly suggest getting your own set at home so it's easy to do it as often as you want... Good luck.