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CSF Leak 4 weeks after L4-S1 TLIF

Started by laxgirlie13 on 04/08/2011 9:48am

Geez where to start.
I had my back fused from L4-S1 on 2/22/11 without any complications. About 4 weeks later I had a recurrent headache for about 3 days then I called my doctor (thinking it was a migraine) and she suggested I go to the ER and call my spine surgeon immediately. When I got there, I had an MRI and the ortho resident found a pocket of fluid at the end of my spine, and I was admitted. Within the 16 days I've been in the hospital I had 3 CT myelograms (extremely painful) and the first glue patch failed, which resulted in a spinal fluid drain, THEN where the drain was I had another leak so I had to get that patched with glue and 2 days after that I'm still having a headache. My surgeon says I have a "high pressure CSF system" which I have translated it to my spinal fluid has a high pressure so my body won't patch up where the dura sac is leaking (kind of like a hole in a hose). I guess I'll probably have surgery in the next week because we can't think of another way to fix the leak.
If you guys have any suggestions or experiences with this let me know :)

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