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Started by Smudga on 03/19/2011 12:20pm

Hi all,

So I've been dealing with back issues for several years now, both Thoracic and Lumbar. I had a T7-9 fusion back in 2008 but before that, I had major issues with my Lumbar area and pain, numbmness etc in my lower back and legs. Since my fusion, it's gotten worse, which I was told it very well may. I've had numerous images done on my Lumbar area and found I have bulging discs in the L4 & L5 area, along with Stenosis, Arthritis and Bone spurs. I see a pain specialist and have been for over 18 months now, have had epidural shots, which last for about a month at best, nerve blocks, take numerous medications, had had hypnotherapy, done physical therapy and so many other things but, I live with the constant daily, excrutiating pain like so many other do on this site. After many MRI's, CT's and even a bone scane and 4 recent episodes of complete bilateral loss of leg function and feeling for over 3 days, I've been told that my symptoms are not bad enough to warrant surgery of any kind.

Since these episodes, my pain has increased greatly but, I'm still told to just keep on going for the shots that are ineffective. My case worker has told me she will get me a second opinion, send me elsewhere etc.

I'm beyond the end of my tether with this as I've not slept more than 2 hours a night in almost 3 years because of the pain and, it's all drug-induced anyway.

Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated.



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I am sorry for your pain and frustration from being told your scary bi lateral loss of function does not seem valid enough to warrant help. Invalidation is hurtful especially when you feel in your gut something needs to be done to stop a worsening lumbar spine cascade,catching the problem before it gets worse. Good acupuncture offers good pain control plus working on the stress we all feel who are in pain. investigate pain meditation tapes. You can google them.your chiropractor or family doctor may know of a great acupuncturist.