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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

L4-L5 Fusion with Bone Graph

Started by 2tall69 on 02/25/2011 10:01pm

Im a 41 year old woman who has suffered from cronic back pain for the last 20 years. Ive had all the injections, shots and blocks that are available. I am schd to have the fusion on March 14-11.
I would appreciate anyone who knows or has been through this operations input or advice.
thank you

P/s I am also 5'11


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I am now 53 and a chronic pain patient. You see at 28 it all started with a visit to a Quack Chiropractor who was paid by the company I worked for. This fool tried to say I had a birth defect which was why I was in extreme pain . I had come to him after a work place injury . The day I was injured I was asked to remove a small pine tree from where it was planted. I had dug all the way around it, while cutting all the roots along the way. I then bent down and grabed hold and lifted it from the hole. When it put up a fight I gave it a good yank and it came lose....And so did my back!! Since that day...my life changed forever.....After going to that quack I ended up having two spinal fusions..the first was a hardware install.....the second...a hardware removal and bone fusion..I became a life-long patient and I no longer work for a living..You see once I was (cut) insurance companys don't want you on their premiseis. I became a dangerous person on job sites!! I have since learned the doctors recieved kick-backs for the hardware installs, other doctors stole my EXRAYS, other doctors made up Stories and Lawyers became Judges all on my case. I have Two Airedale Terriers, who hang with Me. life changes when they cut on you!!don't think for a second it won't..


I am a 40 year old who suffered for only a few years with back pain. I started with PT then moved to injections, then to a diskectomy, and in December I had the surgery. I had both an anterior and posterior lumbar interbody fusion with hardware. Would I do it again? You bet! Was it a picnic? No! My leg pain has decreased greatly but I still have nights when it is so extremely painful that I literally cry so hard I end up making myself sick. I am currently taking Neurotin for the leg spasms but some nights it just doesn't work. Today my doctor prescribed Valium to help with the leg and foot pain. My back pain is 90% gone.


Dear LJB,
I had the same surgery 2/2/11. My bone graph is made from my own bone marrow and crushed up disc from one that was removed. It was then put in a cage in my back to grow it's own bone. Its a slow process. You have to wear a removable back brace that you can only take off for showers and sleeping (if you sleep a certain way) Physical therapy isnt started until 6 weeks post op (i am 4 weeks post op) You are going to get frustrated because you have to switch positions quite frequently to decrease pain and spasms. The first 3 days are the worst, make sure the hospital finds the right combo of drugs for you b/c it will make all the difference. The first six weeks all you get to do is rest and make sure you move correctly so you dont damage anything. It is slow but I can feel the improvement everyday. Good luck to you.