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degenerative disc disease

Started by arlie on 02/24/2011 3:30pm

in oct. / 2001 - i had *fusion / *hardware- *6 pedicle screws for l-4 / l-5 / s-1 degenerative disc disease - Laminectomy Surgery . prescribed painkillers for severe backpain that would not go away ? after two years of not getting anywhere about the constant pain level, i went to three other orthopedic surgeons who recommended i should have hardware removed . they all *recommended i go back to surgeon that did first surgery . none of them wanted to touch me . after looking at MRI pictures and written reports by these other doctors , i was given a 2nd. operation - oct. / 2003 to remove the hardware . still ... the pain level remains high as before in my lower back . i am on oxycodone 5/325 / morphine 30mg X 3 daily - 24 / 7. my family doctor / *internal medicine - tells me i do not want a 3rd. surgery . that it would do no good , pain level would not be removed . much scar tissue ..."to just live with it" / only so much medicine can do . he's not been the first doctor to tell me this . i've tried shots , muscle relaxers , exercises , acupuncture . only pool therapy gives some brief relief . so i use it frequently .
if someone out there can recommend something i havent tried , i would sure like to hear about it .
thankyou .


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Hi Arlie,

I just wanted to share my story. I have similar, DDD, they call it, at L-4 and L-5, and S-1. Ive had this for three + years and can no longer work. Im now on 100 mcg Fentanyl which works really great, but I also have to take Morphine 10 mg and I take anywhere from 1 a day to 6 a day. I also have hip dysplasia, which is just as painful, so the combination of the two is an accumulated pain level.

I recently was sent to a psychologist and she prescribed Cymbalta which is an anti-depressant. Though I have had bouts of depression, most of that is due to the pain, inability to work, lack of friends, support, etc., What i have noticed is that I only need to take my patches and 1 or 2 tablets of morphine per day, which is really amazing. I still have pain, but the patches and the anti depressant are managing very well. I wish someone had told me about this sooner but im stuck in Montreal, Canada, where the health care system is dying.

In any case, I wanted to suggest that Cymbalta is an excellent pain reliever. You might want to discuss this with your doctor. There are, as always, some side effects with it but other than the sleepiness and druggy feeling (which Im told will go away within the next week) I haven't had any other side effects. Best of luck to you, and heal well.


You say the pool therapy works for you?Ive had the L4L5 fusion recently and they havent even looked back at the disc protuding in my neck.Im allergic to morphine and the phentinol makes me deathly ill.I was scared to get addicted to oxicotin(.Ive seen the aftermath to that)
Im completely out of insurance although Ive tried all those treatments my family doc suggested the pool.I think I may try it now


what kind of l -

pool therapy - one's body weight is lighter in water . and for the reason one's stride is lengthened
in the water , as opposed to walking on a hard surface , the pool walking is much more comfortable for me . also , having a hot water spa handy i can use after this stretching , does wonders for a brief period
as well . try it and see what you think .