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Liquid Drained from Disc (Spine)

Started by sinfulsoul888 on 02/19/2011 5:23am


I have a very close friend who is currently suffering from a disk problem at his back. His last disk was drained of the liquid and due to tht he went for a surgery where the laser cut the parts of the disc that was touching the nerve. Currently, he is going for physio but the doctor has told him that his 3rd and 4th disk is in danger of the being drained of liquid as well. Is there any way to handle this as he is still young (in his early 30s) and will be getting married in 1 years time?

Please advise as his doctor told him that they cannot do anything.

Please help

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It sounds as if you are describing a herniated disc. My L4/5 disc herniated and the disc material came out and pressed on a nerve for too long and now I am permanently paralysed from the knee down in one leg. I had a laminectomy and a discectomy but it didn't help and I now have more pain than I had before the surgery. I take morphine (msContin) twice a day foir the pain.
My advice for your friend is to lose weight if he is overweight and then start doing exercises to strengthen his core, that is strengthen his abdominal and back muscles and this will help to keep his spine safe. There is no guarantee that he won't get another herniated disc but the erxercises will certainly help prevent this happening. A good physical therapist will give him the correct exercises. All the best!