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I am a 3 level cspine fusion

Started by Cheryl Stewart on 02/04/2011 9:48am

It's been a while sine I hhave visited the site. Just wanted to check in. I have another level going out. I already have a stand alone peek cage at c 3/4 and bone graft fusion c 4/5 - 5/6 with a titanium plate and screws. Now my c 6/7 is shot. The surgeon I saw in Dallas, said he would NOT recommend any more fusions with me. If the time comes he would highly suggest an ADR. As I know it, there are only one or two cervical ADR's approved by the FDA. Even still, I already have a fusion and the FDA doesn't approve these for multi level issues. What can I do except go to Europe?

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I've been recently diagnosed with cer 3,4,5,6 deterioration. The neurosurgeon explained that it was a serious surgery to do fusion on 4 disc and a recovery of 12 weeks....Not crazy about surgery...have you heard of any supplements, exercisis,etc that would help to prevent any further damage...I have an occasional tingling in y little fingers thanks Meme