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I have the same infection Tom Brady had HELP!!!!!!!

Started by Brnigurl78 on 02/04/2011 6:03am

Remember when Tom Brady kept getting delayed coming back to playing from having infections in his knee from the surgery well. I am 32 year old female. I recently had my 10th back lumbar surgery to revise hardware ( Had L2-S1 rebuilt 9/09 ). I developed a large posterior paraspinal fluid collection( A POCKET OF FLUID ) extending from top of L3 to the bottom of S1. Measuring from 13cm in length 7cm in transverse dimension by up to 2.6 cm in thickness ( ABOUT THE SIZE OF A GRAPEFRUIT). Multiple septations ( POCKETS INSIDE THE POCKET) are present throughout the fluid collection which demonstrates mild peripheral enhancement. Diffuse soft tissue edema and enhancement is present in the paraspinous space extending from sacrum to L2 -3 level.( can someone translate that last line for me) To an extent I know a little about seromas so I know that most go away, But when the NS surgery asst said that they needed to drain the fluid the asap and test the fluid for infection I was alittle worried because the MRI I had done the place was a crap hole and should be ashamed to be sending their disc to such a top NS ( Let's not go there) Basically we were going in blind and only with a report. Thats how much i trust my doctor but still. I am in such pain and I am only 15 days post op and this was only hardware revision, After draining the fluid i felt some relieft but I believe it was more of just the meds because I woke up in the middle of the night in the same condtion I was in before all this started. I have a HUGE tolerance to pain. So I am not being wimpy here These surgeries have been going on for 8 years and I only take Lortab if I have to and usually only at night. I am just here to get some knowlege of my own. Here are my questions and my concerns so any feedback would be great
What are the chances I will develop another one of these? I have had seromas before that went away on their own but never this severe?. what are things I can look for to know before they get to big if one were to develop How can I prevent this from happening? How and why did this happen now and not the 9 other times? Am I going to be susptable to them because Ive had them before. Can you develop them without them regardless without having surgery ex: Tom Brady
Thank you in advance
Ps all this started when a 83 year old man who was not suppose to be driving( dr was in process of paperwork of taking lic away ran stop sign. caused herniated disc. went to ortho he screwed up then went to one NS did good for 3-4 years mowed lawn herniated next disc and went to DR VAICYS ( who now practices In ST JOSEPH MI) HE LOST HIS LIC IN VERO BEACH FLORIDA HE KILLED 3 PEOPLE ON THE TABLE PARALIZED ONE MY FRIENDS THEN MY FRIEND ENDED UP DEAD COME TO FIND THAT WHEN THIS DR CUT HIM HE SPREAD CANCER CELLS SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD IF YOU LIVE IN THIS AREA I CAN GET YOU PROOF. MY NEW SURGEON HAS REPORTED HIM. I had a Spinal stimulator implanted that ultimately was removed because it didn't work and then my 8th and 9th was a rebuild. If you need a great surgeron my surgeon is GOD! He took one look at my myelogram and said the only reason I can't do this tomorrow is because I need a vascular surgeon to cut you open. I live on the East Coast of FL. Thank you again in advance for any feed back God Bless you all Support Our Troops

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