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Chronic lumbar facet joint pain-another rhizotomy or fusion???

Started by Chele on 01/20/2011 10:38pm

Hi. Long story very short- After 3+ long years of many different doctors, physical therapists, visits to the ER, and already 1 lumbar facet rhizotomy I am so ready for this pain to end. I have a torn L5 which is healing. The rhizotomy I had 2 years ago has wore off. I am now feeling the same constant pain I felt before I had the procedure.
At this point I would like to hear some opinions of others who have gone through this. Do you take the chance on another rhizotomy and hope it works as well as the first one or start talking with the doctor about fusion?
I spent a year with a pain management doc who was "trigger happy", two different pt offices and a chiro. The best results I have had have been from the chiro I have been seeing.
Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Chele,
I can so relate to your story with the exception that my rhizotomy did not work,i have found that everything seems to be temporary and there comes a point and time when you have to ask yourself if you can live with it and in my case,the many restrictions that accompany it or do you want to take the risk of surgery and A(stay the same},B (be worse ),OR C (be better),i rolled the dice and have chosen the surgery which will be March 25th,and i am trying real hared to stay positive ,,and trust and believe God for a successful outcome.Best of Wishes on your decision,i will keep you posted on my outcome.
Nurse Nancy in pain