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Spinal stenosis after surgery???

Started by JEB45 on 01/05/2011 12:20pm

I had lumbar surgery in March of 2010 after going through all of the reccomended treatments, injections, physical therapy, tens unit ect... All seemed to be going well after surgery but it wasn't long until I was back to the same problems and additional ones as well. I was sent for another set of MRI'S by the surgeon and he had the gall to tell me the surgery site looked fine but I had spinal stenosis both above and below the surgery site and in the same sentence he said " I knew it was like that before surgery...needless to say I was extremely angry. Now I have severe problems with use of right arm and continue to have the lower back problems too. I am really reaching the end of my rope here but I continue to go to physical therapy three times a week and still get injections every month. Now they want to implant a stimulator of some kind into me. Ultimately I would just like to be pain free as I'm sure we all would but most of all I would like to get away from the pain medications completely. Does anyone have any advice, I know my work is getting fed up with all of the appointments ect...and this was not a work comp claim it happened at home.

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