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Doctors Getting Rich With Fusion Surgery Debunked by Studies

Started by fbara on 12/30/2010 10:55am

Interesting article:

I had my second fusion in Sept 2010. So far I've had about an 80% reduction in pain. I'm off the narcotic pain meds and I'm taking 50mg of Tramadol 3x/day.

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I read the article and do not agree with alot of it. I have two torn disc which are also herniated and impinging on my nerve canal and nerve roots. It is in my low back l4-s1. I went and saw 3 different spine surgeons and all gave me the same response, surgery somewhere down the road for me. The surgeon I chose to do the surgery, is definetely not a "cutter". I went thru several epidural shots, pt, medications, a joint block which is a test that helps the dr determine if your pain can be coming from your joing and not disc, this came back negative, then I had a discogram, which is when you have dye pushed into your bad disc as well as one stable disc. You are semi awake during the procedure and the point of it is to recreate your pain and believe me it did in my two low disc that are torn. After the procedure is done then you are taken to Ct to determine how badly the tears are in your disc. These test should be done prior to any back surgery, what my surgeon has told me. good luck to all, i will be having a two level fusion and hoping it will help me.


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