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DDD+ spinal surgery

Started by creativegoth on 12/29/2010 7:11am

I suffer from DDD & had have had spinal surgery I am still in pain, its been over a year since my operation, I still have tingling all the way down my left side and in my groin, I wear a brace when I go out walking, I'm on morphine patches, and strong painkillers my surgeon says its herediary, because all my uncles have it, it hasn't effected the girls in our family, a few times my back has ceased up, and a few times my left leg has given way for no reason, can anyone advise me how to build-up my core muscles in my back without hurting it any further.

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in order to NOT hurt yourself the best thing to do is see a licensed physical therapist who can evaluate your specific situation and teach you exercises you can do at home....pete


About a year and a half ago I had a neurosurgeon FINALLY ask me if I had tried aqua therapy....didn't know there WAS such a thing. Even though I just had surgery in Nov. 2010 due to a degenerative scoliois that spanned most of my spine, I spent a year and a half, first working with a therapist in a warm therapy pool, then continuing the exercises on my own at a gym/wellness center. My core is so solid that it is making my recovery from surgery much, much easier. Being in the water was the ONLY time I wasn't in pain....it was a like a miracle for me and I can't believe, of the dozens of doctors I saw, meds I tried, other physical therapy, chiropractic, epidural injections, on and on.....nobody EVER suggested something so noninvasive. Seemed like they all just wanted to write prescriptions and do expensive testing and tell me it was hopeless. I started working on my core in water and it really helped me strengthen my core and bought me some time....even though surgery was inevitable. I was even able, with a couple of weeks of beginning therapy, to swim laps for cardio exercise since I was not allowed to do any weight bearing exercises at all. That has also been good for my recovery....and while I was doing that I was not taking any pain medicines except Tylenol or Aleve....off everything else the others had me gulping down which weren't helping anyway. Good luck.

P.S.: There was only one place (a hospital wellness center) in my town and surrounding towns that had an indoor heated therapy pool so that part might be hard for you to find but it's SO worth trying.