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Has anyone had the Si-Bone I Fuse implant system for SI problems?

Started by Karen Wiesner on 12/15/2010 10:35pm

Curious if anyone has had this "minimally invasive" procedure and if it was successful...

Karen :)

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I am scheduled for a SI joint fusion@ UCLA medical center using the si-bone implants on March 17 2011. I have a hypermobile right SI joint as well as osteoartheritis in those joints. I'm a little nervous because it's so new but i'll keep you posted.


I just saw someone on the news that had this procedure & it worked for him. He's a very active person & happy to be able to do the things he use to do.
I immediately searched for more info & came across your post so I registered for this site to let you know.

Cherie :)


There are some people getting this done and reporting about it over on:



I am surgeon shopping and hoping to get this procedure done myself. Some of my doctors think I should get a pain pump implanted and others think this will be my best option.


My surgeon has recommended iFuse as the solution to the incredible pain I am in. Upon applying for a Pre-Cert for the surgery from my insurance company, I find that they consider iFuse "experimental" surgery and exclude the procedure from benefits. I would greatly appreciate any information that would help me in convincing my insurance company to pay for this procedure. I might ask, has anyone had a problem with insurance? If so, how was it resolved? Are you paying for this procedure out of pocket? It is FDA approved and Medicare approved. My insurance plan indicates that does not matter. They no pay!


Karen, my wife has had SI Bone / IFuse. The procedure did not help her at all. She is in, and has been in so much pain for almost 2 years with no end in site. The top pin is through the Ilium and the 6 siatic nerves are running over the top of the pin, causing extreme pain. Cannot find anyone who will take the pin out but 5 surgeons have told her the pin needs to be removed.SI Bone has been no help. If you have this procedure, have it done by a surgeon who has performed the procedure more than once.


@mmanship, I am having the same problem, I had the old fashioned way of doing the surgery and it was the most painful thing I have ever gone thru even after 14 of them, this was screaming and I thought I would lose my mind. My doctor tried to get a precert for the IFuse from Aetna and was refused by a NURSE> He appealed and was refused again because I did not have traumatic accident (Duh we told them I had fallen multiple times) and that the procedure was EXPERIMENTAL and it did not work on back pain. Another Duh since we did not say back pain but pelvic pain. We then sent them the forms for an IRO, independent review by the state of Texas and they refused to submit it. Duh again since this is against the law. So I called the State Insurance Investigator and I filled out a form to have them fined for breaking the law AND now I will get a IRO. Aetna is using information from 2007 as their criteria for the decision. 2007!!! I do not want to ever go back to the old way but will if I have to. You don't want that to happen. My husband the saint said he would get a second mortgage, all his saving from work, his pension, anything to pay for this. So now we wait.
I recommend calling your state's insurance commision and filing a complaint and asking for an IRO. My surgeon is the number one spinal surgeon in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex every year and has been on the cover of D several times. He knows what he is doing and he does not want to put me thru the old way. Now what we do is pray. (The woman for the state was totally ticked off that Aetna did that to me and that my case was the reason they did IRO's and the reason Aetna did not file because they don;t want to pay the fine or pay for the operation.) I don't understand it because it is faster and cheaper by far than the old way.


I had the SI-BONE ifuse procedure on August 6, 2012 for a hypermoble left si-joint.

In January 2009 it went out, twisted for the first time. Besides this horrible, terrible pain directly over my left si-joint I thought I was going to fall and grabbed a hold of the kitchen counter. I found out the feeling of being crocked or standing on your own in the middle of the room but your brain was telling you that you can't stand is due to proprioceptors in your si-joint. In December 2010 I took a 5 week leave of absence with the intention to start pain management, have a si-joint injection, continue physical therapy and try to strengthen my core muscles to stabilize my pelvic bone, si-joint. I did manage to go back to work part time in May 2011 for 5 weeks after my first si-joint injection and then again for 2 days in May 2012 after my 5th injection. LOL

My Pain - I refered to it as a Bull's Eye. It was directly over my left si-joint and extended 6 inches in all directions. In January 2012 I could stand up and move around for about 45 minutes before the pain hit a #7. It would continue to the point that you couldn't think straight and no longer stand up. For the 6 weeks pryer to the surgery I stood up for 5 minutes here and there but only managed to stand up for 20 minutes in the morning to freshin up and change my cloths, 20 minutes in the afternoon to straighten the kitchen from the night before and 20 minutes in the evening to take something out of the oven and make a salad. I was going to physical once a week just to get out of the house and stop by the grocery store to pick up lettuce, tomatoes, milk and bread. Also doing a self adjusting exercise 3 or 4 times a day and was defiantly out of line every 24 to 48 hours.

The procedure - I was very surprised that I woke up with no SI-Joint pain what so ever and it has not returned. From what I was told and had read I thought I was going to be using crutches for 3 weeks and a walker for 3 more. But I was up and walking around on my own an hour after I got to my room. I just spent the night as a precaution and was released first thing the next morning. As far as restrictions, no bending or lifting anything over 10lbs and no twisting but that was only for 2 weeks. I've been doing just about nothing for so long that I personally have experienced a lot of muscle pain. I started physical therapy at 3 weeks post-op for muscle pain but the other 4 people who my neurosurgeon did the procedure on never complained about any aches or pains and never went to physical therapy.

2 week post-op appointment, my restrictions were lifted - By then I was walking a mile. Could actually get my stuff ready, shave, take a shower, wash my hair, get dressed and put my clothes in the hamper. I was finally able to stand up long enough to make dinner and didn't have to just throw something in the oven. I made spaghetti for the first time in god knows how long. Could finally catch up on the laundry and straighten my house up.

At 4 weeks post-op I went to Walmart for the first time in like two years, walked around for 3 hours. I bought myself some pretty new bras. LOL

6 week post-op appointment, was released from my doctors care - I was told I could go back to work and do anything I wanted, except bungee jumping.

At 10 weeks post-op I started back to work part time but that's only because of muscle pain and has nothing to do with my si-joint or the surgery. I've been working in my garden. I'm finally putting my house back together, finding a place for everything and putting everything in it's place. I don't think I'm gonna decorate outside for Christmas but I am gonna wash the windows and change the curtains which I haven't did since the fall on 2008.

As of now I only know 2 other people who have had the procedure but I have several new friends who will be having it done over the next couple of months. If you have any questions or concern I would prefer if you email me at lady.di@comcast.net verses talking here. Thanks, Diane