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Started by jungleman12 on 12/08/2010 1:16pm

I had another MRI on 12-6 which was an upright and seen the neurosurgeon the same day.. The MRI showed moderate/severe DDD ant l5-s1.. On my other MRI and with a OrthoSpine doctor it showed the same issues 1.5 yes ago.. The pain is still the same as in the left lower back and left buttocks pain , legs and in foot occasionally.. This neurosurgeon advised he wanted to do a PLIF but befor he wanted a discogram to confirm the pain source.. he only order the l4-l5 and l5-s1 to be tested.. The other doctor done a discogram which they hurt like s***. During that one they did a few different discs and I almost came off the table when he did the l5-s1.. he sent his report over to the doctor and 2 weeks later I seen him and he said the di I almost sh** my pants.. I said how is that possible? He said the doctor doing the discogram said he thought I was malinering.. I said u guys are retarded.. Why in gods name would I lie and know I would possibly be headed to a fusion.. I quit seeing him and went to a pain clinic where in the last 1.5 yrs immideately after to check the discave had 2 sets of ESI and 2 facet joint injections with no help.. They want to keep me coming every 2 months to shove narcotics down my throat.. I would like to know if anyone has had the same pain in a disc they normally do and told the discogram is negative.. Also please tell me how/who would malinger on this test..Its not a WC issue or accident related.. This time a CT will be done to test for tears and other damage.. Am I the only person who has faced this problem?

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I had a discogram in october, then right after test they ran a ct scan to see where tears were in my disc and l4-l5 the dye ran out everywhere, disc is gone. l5-s1 is torn as well but not as badly, the disocgram came back with more pain in l5-s1 but my dr recommended replacing both, 6 screw, cages and 2 rods. Wow all this hardware scares me and feel like its not my own back anymore just things holding me together. I am work comp case, so I sit and wait to see one of there dr to agree need surgery. I've been thru 2 low back injections, joint back and the disocgram. I'm in pain everyday of my life since May, and has gotten increasing worse. I'm taking 2 morphine, 2 vicodin, muscle relaxer, and antiinflammtory. I am not myself for months and the drugs really suck! I feel for ya it sucksw!


Hello, I've also got DDD and facet desease, with bulging between c5-c6 and spurs and fragrments with this I tend to have this magor intense pain that ratiates through both arms making them go completly dead, after letting them hang for a bit and using every resorce I have I can regain myself. I can't sit for any long period or stand for long either, I have to keep shifting around because the pain goes down into my butt and lower back. I can no longer reach above my head and tilt my head back at the same time because my legs go dead and I fall on my Butt.
For five years or more I'd go to my doctor telling him about these pains and discomforts... All the SOB kept saying was its just your age catching up to you...mind you this started when I was in my thirties and has progressed from there. I finally got to see his assistant who ordered the x-rays and and a C-spine MRI when she got the results back she imediatley tells me she's made an appointment for me to see a nuro-sergion, who has now sent me for another MRI of the rest of my spine because he thinks there is more going on than just whats in my neck, he tells me depending on whats in the next MRI will deside what treatments we'll lok at and then asked me what kind of pain management my reg doctor has me doing....HA, I told him what my reg doctor said and this ones tells me its time to look for a new one, duh do ya think...yep.
The sad thing is I'm only fifty years old and now because of not getting the right treatment when it all started I might be looking at a permenant disability. But one good thing at least I know how the system works for that, I'm A home health care provider and my job is to go out to people homes and take care of them because they are of disabilities.. funny how life sends you in full circle.


Hi. I know what you have experienced!!! I too have had a discogram which the radiologist said was completely negative for L5/SI. It hurts like ****!!!! I stopped going to the pain doc because he did not know what to do other than give an epidural injection every 6-8 weeks and keep the narcs flowing. I started seeing a Chiropractor in my area who just happened to have experienced the exact same injury I have. He studied my MRI and showed me I have an IDD- Internal Disc Disruption on L5. It is a grade 5 annual tear completely to the nucleus of the disc. The tear was allowing the nucleus to leak out onto my nerves and causing the sciatica symptoms going all the way down my left leg to the ball of my foot making it prick and feel like its asleep.
Your symptoms are exactly as bad as mine WERE! I am slowly getting better! If you are interested to hear how, let me know and i'll explain it in more detail.