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I stiffin up like a board after back spasms

Started by cintch on 12/07/2010 7:33pm

My friend has had back surgery , I believe the first one was for Herniated disk. the second one for disk fused. and that one was just done in April 2010. She has no life because of it. She can't stand long , she can't sit long, if she does her back will go into a spasm so bad that she will stiffin up like a board. Someone has to carry her to her bed and then it takes a while for it to come out of it. Aparentley her disk is pushing against her spine. has anyone had this problem and can anybody refere us to someone that can help her because her back Dr. she had been going to isn't helping her, and we are unsure if that's because we question did he do something wrong.

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I would definatley get to another doc. outside of the previos docter's net work. Sounds like nureopathy to me but I am no docter. I have had a burst fracture of my C-7 vert. And disrupted my spinal chord it was not punctured in anyway it was just moved around. This was dec. of 09. Anyway I have nureopathy in my hands and feet. when the cold weather hit me I have trouble with stiffnes in my hands. I can feel the my tndones pulling my fingers closed. It really sounds simular to what you'er freind is experiencing with her back. Go get a second opinion!! Good luck to you and you'er friend


Thank you for your response ..I will def. pass this on (: