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I need help- Pain In Ribs after Laminectomy

Started by crankyyanky1 on 12/02/2010 12:17pm

Hello I am new to the discussion group and I need some help I have been going thru this for approx 2 years my L3-4 discs ruptured last year and I had surgery that failed after that I started at pain management when it looked like it would be permanent after a while it was recommended that I get a spinal cord stimulator which I did , I always only had pain on my left side but in the past few months the arthritis in my back is getting worse and I have several herniated discs so I now also have pain in the right leg also so I had another back surgery so that they could readjust the leads to the stimulator and that is when my latest issue started when the Dr was in there he did a Laminectomy on T9 and T11 and moved the lead for the scs I woke up with pain in my bottom rib which they told me was normal due to where the work was done I am now 3 months out and the pain is not going away in my ribs it is only in the bottom rib more so on the right side now they are telling me it is not normal but they don't know what to do. Whether to take out the SCS or leave it alone or if this is permanent. It is very painful and delibetating I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what was done for it? By the way I have had CT's of chest and abdomen and xrays and they can't find anything! Any Help would be appreciated.

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Hi Kim. This is a very late response to your post but I just underwent the e same procedure om Wed and woke to that passio in the lower left rib. I dont even want to turn on the therapy unit because the best relief is when the unit is up in the higher ranges but that causes the sensation of being stabbed in my ribs. Plus, i had a. Asthma attack last night.
What has been your outcome after three years? I pray the best!


Hello. This too is a very late response to the initial poster, but I hope it offers some help. I had my boston scienctific scs implanted Oct 14, 2013. I woke to pain in the same area you both describe. It was unbearable. The surgeon was unresponsive to my calls. Apparently the paddle lead was sitting on a bundle of nerves.
Long story short, I went under Nov.15 and the paddle was removed. The unit does not function properly as it "powers down" within 5 min of activation. The pain is not as great, but I still feel uncomfotable when it's on AND I am having problems with my asthma,.which has been under control for years.
At 56 yrs old, I don't want to under go another major surgery. Some days, I wonder, "what in God's name did I do?"