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Posted in: Back pain.

Pain Doctor

Started by waz57 on 11/24/2010 2:26am

Hi does anyone out there know what a Pain Medicine Doctor does? sounds like he's a witch doctor or something.

What I would like to know what special powers does he have and what do they do ? as $250.00 for 30 minutes is a bit steep plus my appointment is next year in February .

Looking forward to any answers !!!!

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the first thing a pm doc does is to give you a neuro exam. he checks your reflexes, muscle strength and skin sensations. he compares these results with any xrays or scans that you have had done. based on the results and your pain symptoms he will then decide what treatment you need. its very possible he will refer you to a surgeon.. . he may decide to inject a pain killer or anti inflammatory drug into an area of your spine. he might consider having you go for physical therapy. another tool he has is the electronic spinal cord stimulator [scs]. some pm drs are trained in anesthesiology and are skilled in injections into your spine. my pm dr also had training in surgery and he assisted my surgeon in the insertion of my scs.
of course the pm dr can also prescribe pain medication. he will consult with your pc physician and consider the med thats appropriate for you.
so the pm dr doesnt just prescribe a pain med. he looks at your whole situation and does what he feels is appropriate.


they r certainly7 not magical i am finding thru my "pain journey" there is no magic surgery/surgeon/pill/ etc a pain dr can legally perscribe hig dose narcotics as where a regular doc cannot they offer nerve blocks epidurals trigger point shots etc. i am in chgo area and yes the price is astronimical. all the pain docs i have seen r anesthesiologists hope this helped a little


I have been seeing a pain clinic since june 2010.. I have had 3 epidural injection at a cost of 1900.00 a pop. My last appt they did a facet injection which was 2800.00 They were trying to help relieive my back and left sided sciatica.. The main problem was that none were helping and the last injection I was told they would do a Radio frequency ablation on my next visit.. I then went to see a neuro surgeon and had a new mri done. The new mri had shown my disc protrusion had gotten worse and the shots had caused scar tissue at the injection sites and increased the sciatica pain.. I am gonna have a PLIF endoscopic in January and hope that will get rid of the pain. I guess they r good to use barring ur condition is at the early stages and the shots may work.. They will prescribe narcotics which some people are after.. I just wanted relief and unfortunately they couldnt help.. Good luck with what ever u decide