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Neep INPUT!!! Laminectomy, microdiscetomy and facetecomy

Started by back_pak10 on 11/15/2010 9:54pm

PLEASE HELP! I have been informed by my doctor that for my nerve root decompression (L4-L5) he proposed a wide unilateral laminectomy, microdiscetomy and facetecomy followed by placement of L4-L5 screws on one side (due to scar tissue from initial surgery). This is expected to decompress the nerve root and restore my ankle flexion . Can anyone provide their experience with this procedure or look into arthroscopic? I've seen adds for different institutes but can anyone provide their experience...good and bad.

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I would suggest cortisone shots and physical therapy before submitting to surgery. I do and don't believe in ways you will have some type of relief from this procedure, however, try exhausting all venues before doing so.

My sister had this done and it took several months after physical therapy to feel even a ounce of "feeling better" time. She still complains of pain and discomfort two years later. every one is different
over all the choice is yours. just be alert and well informed before doing so.