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Blunt trama to lower back

Started by fraya1375 on 11/13/2010 9:49pm

About 12 years ago I suffered severe blunt trama to my lower back. Its a little silly but I was actually sledding and I made it to the bottom of the hill however my friend who was with me came down right behind me and since I fell off the sled she hit me square in the lower back going at a very high rate of speed. She knocked me about 20-25 feet further, knocked the wind out of me and I actually thought she had paralized me. I could not stand up straight went to the ER but the doc there was a jerk and did nothing. I have suffered severe lower back pain since and have had my back lock up 3 times since making it impossible to stand up straight. It effects my siatica and is just constant pain. I have always been weary of going to my doctor about it since not many doctors I have been to take back pain seriously but I'm very worried that something is very wrong. I'm 35 and I have 3 small children whom I cant even play with since my back is constantly a mess of pain and I'm terrified it will lock up again. It usually takes about a week for the swelling to go down so I can even stand straight. The first time it happened I saw a Chiroprator who gave me pain meds, muscle relaxers and an anti-inflamatory. She also used my x-rays in her case studies since she had never seen a spine swell so badly and curve in the totally opposte direction that it should. Basically, has anyone suffered from anything like this and if so what did you do about it? Anything helps.


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You need to see an orthopedic spine surgeon for diagnosis. you may have broken part of your vertebrae....pete