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I Hate the drug dealers selling Oxycontin!

Started by Larryb302001 on 11/10/2010 7:09am

There was a local news station doing a special investigation on drug dealers getting the elderly to have a Dr proscribe Oxycontin for back pain. It was supposed to be about how the elderly are using medicare to get the med and then they sell them for $200.

The problem is that news like this makes it difficult for those of us who need Oxycontin to be able to move. I Have been taking Oxycontin 20mg as my main pain medication and then having Norco 10/325 for break through pain. I also am taking Lyrica 150 three times a day, Desipramine 100mg once at night and Norflex 100mg twice a day. With all of this I am close to getting where I can move around during the day and at least get some things done. I have been out of work on disability for about 14 months now with a little break in Feb when I tried to go back to work for about six weeks.. There are some days like today when I can't sleep at night because the pain is so bad . I had surgery last December and I have been in constant pain for the last 18 months.

Today I went and saw my new primary care Doctor (The old one moved out of state). He had watched the news investigation show. He told me that I have to chose which pain medication I want, My choices are either the Oxycontin, Norco or the Norflex I can only have one not three medications for pain relief. As it was he ended up saying he needs new x-rays or an MRI before he will prescribe anything.

I have about three days worth of medication and I am going to have to use them to taper off the meds on my own. I am so pissed and at the same time I am having to fight the depression of the fact I am going to be in so much pain again. When the pain is this bad My life consist of being bedridden and crawling to the toilet. I am going to find a different primary care doctor, but during the mean time I feel so frustrated I don't know how I am going to get by. I understand that my doctor just doesn't understand chronic pain, and he wants to do the right thing but in actually he is doing me harm. Right now I still feel hate for him and everyone on the news report, The drug dealers, the people who were selling the Prescriptions, and even the news reporters. Because of them those of us in the area (LA area) who actually need and use the medication responsibly cant get the medication we need.

This site is a blessing, I know others on here have been through what I am going through and understand. Because of this site I don't feel so alone. I am asking for others to pray for me as I am going to need all the help I can get. I am grateful that I have an understanding wife. If anyone has any words of encouragement I would be happy to receive them. If nothing else then thanks for just understanding and letting me get it out of my system.


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I feel for you Larry..I hate the drug dealers also..But I hate the DEA more. they are the reason your doctor can't keep your pain under control.. The doctors are scared to death of the DEA. The DEA is more interested in busting doctors than they are in busting drug dealers.
Busting small drug dealers doesn't get the DEA's name in the paper for weeks on end like it does when they bust some poor doctor for trying to help people live a normal lives.

The DEA lost the war on big illegal drug traffickers and was in danger of losing funding so they went for the sitting ducks..our doctors. Junkies will always find a way to get what they need by whatever means they can. You and I and those like us who try do do things the right way are now paying the price, because the DEA doesn't have what it takes to stop the crooks. .

Another problem we have is changing doctors..it's a nightmare. my Doctor in Florida and I spent months finding the right drug in the right dose to control my pain.. I had to move back up north because of family. I didn't think it would be a problem getting the doctors up here to continue the course of medication my doctor in Florida had set up because it worked..NO WAY..The doctors here just would not give me what I needed.. 6 months and 7 doctors later I found ONE doctor who is trying to help and even he was reluctant until I wrote this and printed it on card stock and told him to put it in my file. to remind him Who I was.

My name is Mo and I am an addict.

I admit it I'm a junkie
I'm addicted to the bed I stay in 18 hours a day.
I'm addicted to the prosthetic I now need because of a blood clot in my leg due to inactivity
I'm addicted to the wheelchair I have to use because it's too painful to try to walk.
I'm addicted to looking for a doctor who will listen to me, not talk at me.
I'm addicted to begging doctors for a chance at some quality of life.
I'm addicted to looking for a doctor who isn't scared to death of the DEA.
I'm addicted to explaining to my insurance company why I am doctor shopping.
I'm addicted to anti-depressants,because without them I would kill myself.

I am an addict and I am Detoxing from Life

Change it to make it personal to you..print it give it to the next doctor you see..it can't hurt to try.

good luck to you...mo


Thanks Mo.
I don't know if it will help or not but I like it.


You don't mention whether or not u are seing a pain management MD, but that's where u need to go.
Your regular primary is not a specialist, doesn't understand pain and is probably petrified that he'll be sued by someone for overdosing u. There are many more things these types of doctors can offer you to help deal w/ the pain. In my experience, a pain management specialist who is also or has access to a physiatrist or physical rehabilitation medicine MD is the best. Ask your PCP for a referral to a pain management specialist ASAP. He may have to RX yr meds until the other MD takes u over for a month or so. If u have an appt.to see someone else in the near future, yr current PCP may be more cooperative in prescribing the meds u need to hold u over.....Hope this helps.


I hope it helps Larry..and BTW if you're not on anti-depressants talk to your doctor because you should be...mo


I have a apt at a PM next Thursday. I was reluctant to go because when I was in Kansas City I went to a PM and all he would do was three epidurals. After that He told me he doesn't prescribe medication all they do is the shots. He was a complete waste of time.
I called the one here as the referral is for three visits and three injections. According to the office staff they also do pain medication management as most doctors don't know how. I hope it works out and right now I have high hopes it will
The Desipramine is an anti depressant. It helps but I keep trying to get my doctor to reefer me to a psychiatrist for counseling. He says he can do the medication but I think I finally got him to understand I need to talk about how my life has changes due to the chronic pain. But of course by the end of the appointment he forgot all about the psychiatrist and refereed me to an orthopedic surgeon again.
The biggest reason I need to change Doctors is the lack of trust we have. My Doctor doesn't listen or believe what I tell him and I don't trust him.
But even if everything was going OK with me I still hate the drug dealers selling Oxycontin. That is the pain medication those of us with real back pain need. We use it correctly and for pain not to get high. These junkies using it to get high make it tough on us. The make us feel like we are misusing the medication. For us it is just that medication not drugs.


Thank you your post was really helpful.