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Sciatica pain!! Need advise!!

Started by jungleman12 on 11/09/2010 12:52pm

I am a 37 yr old male who suffers from lower back and leg pain.. My problems started in July 2008 when I was in a MVA when I was ran off the highway and hit a oak tree head on.. The impact messed my back up and started seizures from the bleeding on my brain. I had multiple facial surgeries and that was it except for a broken arm and hand. The MRI done then showed a disc protrusion 5mm at l5-s1 with associated annular tear. Thir was DDC at l4-l5 and facet hyertrophy with ligamentum flavum thickening bilatterally. Since the MRI I have been through PT, meds and 3 epidural steroid injections without releif. Because of facet issues they did 2 facet injections to see if that was the problem and they also failed.
I am really at a lost.. The pain in buttocks and legs is always their and gets unbearable at times especially when riding in a car for more than 20-30 mins or sitting to watch a movie.. This causes exterme burning and pain.. When I go to bed the pain eases for a short period of time then flares up befor getting a numbing sensation when I lye on my back.. I have to get up and walk around to get feeling back and start all over, makes for really long nights without sleep, and having 8mos old daughter is getting hard to pu outta crib and Im missing precious time being inactive with her.. My older boys 15,11 are in sports and I can no longer coach them and it sucks.
Im sure people have had the same issues and or dx and what was done to relive this pain.. Have I missed something to do? And yes chiropractor is not an option.. I am to see a neurosurgeon in a few weeks and would like to have some questions about surgery and what types may be done.. i want to avoid it but not sure if I will be able to.. I did see where the annular tear can cause alot of pain from the chemicals leaking out.. If this is my main problem what can be done? I appreciate any followups and advise that may be given

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I am sorry to hear about ur condition. I too suffer from l5-s1 disc herniation with annual tear and bilateral paracentral compression. I was adviced immediete surgery in Jan 2008 but avoided it out of fear. I too have radiating pains in both my legs and scaitica in my buttocks which at times was unbearable. I am in INDIA and here they have ayurvedic treatments where I was given massage with special oils of herbs,which helped me a lot. Then I tried accupuncture which again reduced my pain drastically. I am a kind of fine now and spend quality time with my kids except for rigorous sports. I hope my experience helps u in some way


Just to give you a insight of my problems. I am a 53 year old male and since March of this year have had 3 Diskectomies 1 Laminectomy and epidural steroid blocker, a blood clot around my spinal column, my dura was torn is a few places and gives the worst headache you can imagine for about 2 weeks which caused Chemical Meningitis and the CT Mylegram and then a fusion of L4,L5 infection in my 30 cm cut along my back which was cleared up in September.
Now being November I have started to get burning pain in my buttocks and electrical pains in my legs and like water is running over my legs. My Neuro Surgeon ordered Ct Scan, MRI and X Rays and good news my fusion is straight with good margins. BUT !!!!! L5, S1 has bulged again and now I have a condition called Arachnoiditis which is basically the spinal nerves running through the spinal column have stuck together and there is no cure just pain management
And the sysmtons that you have sound the same as what is described.
Sorry to rattle on but it becomes a part of your life.


Wazza from Australia


Hi JM12, Finally someone else suffers the exact same issues, and I'm really not crazy. I was injured on the job, and had to deal with the horror of the workmens comp protacol. It's been a nightmare from the start. They refused to do any film's for the first 5 weeks, and long story short; the MRI showed the same diagnosis as you. The pain in my lower back was worsened by the first epidural, the buttock pain and right leg gives out at time's. The neuro surgeon told me that there is nothing that can be done, having any type of surgery would only worsen the condition.
I've been released from the work comp doctor's and now have an appointment with my own surgeon, under my own insurance. This second opinion I'm praying will be able to give some other option's. The pain management doctor basically treated me like I was crazy, he said that, "Alot of people walk around and work just fine with the same diagnose as you, and never complain". Needless to say, I was so upset to be treated this way. My life has changed drastically, I can no longer pick up my grandchildren, do normal chores around the house like I use to. I left things in the hands of an attorney, not that any amount of money is going to make me better.
I guess I have no real advise, or magic wand to make you feel better, I just wanted you to know that your not alone. I'll let you know how things go tomorrow with the second doctor, and I really wish the best for you.


I know this an old post, but I wanted to share my symptoms with you because they sound familiar. I have two bulging discs in the the l3 and l4;l4 and l5 area. Just 6 weeks ago i developed sciatica in the both legs. One day it stated in the left and then the next day it started in the right. Since then it has gotten worse. I have burning in both legs, sitting makes it worse, and walking causes some pain. I am on neurotin which helps some, but doesn't get rid if it totally. The ortho thinks I may have a disc tear and leaking irritating chemicals. She said it could get better, but I haven't seen any signs of it yet. I was wondering if you have seen any improvement or if you had surgery? I am very frustrated too, because I use to be a very active Mom with 2 young children. I am trying my best and hoping to go back to work this fall, as I am a teacher, but it is really scaring me. Please let me know how you are doing.