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MRI Results - Need some (a lot) of Help to understand!

Started by mmmary on 10/27/2010 8:43am

I have been suffering from back and neck pain for more than five years and after massage, chiropractor, physio and acupuncture as well as the usual pain relievers both over the counter and prescribed, I am in just as much pain as ever and am so frustrated. The following are my MRI results and I'm just wondering if someone could help translate them for me. Thanks so much for your time!

At C2-3, mild stenosis of the right neural foramen.
At C3-4, both neural foramina are mildly stenotic.
At C6-7, is a small osteocartilaginous bar. The central spinal canal is mildly stenotic.
In the thoracic spine, there is mild to moderate narrowing of the T3 to T5 disc spaces and moderate narrowing of the T6 to T8 disc spaces. The T8 to T12 disc spaces are also mildly narrowed. At T7-8, there is a small midline disc herniation slightly indenting the thecal sac.

I am also experiencing numbness in my fingers on my left hand which I'm not sure is related but thought I'd mention.

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I have had 4 discs removed from my neck area - 3 different times. Your MRI shows you have a lot of narrowing of the area where you spinal cord sits and at C 6-7 you have a bone spur (osteocartilageous bar) along with "pinching" (foramina) of the nerve where it exits from your spine.. Also looks like you have a bulging disc of your mid back T 7-8> Stenosis means narrowing.

Most certainly you have issues which you need addressed and most likely that is the reason for the numbness of your hand. Please stay away from chiropractors - unless you have been cleared by your Neurosurgeon to see one. Do you have a Neurosurgeon? If not I would find one and make sure to take along the CD of your MRI (you can as for it at the radiology dept)

I can relate to what you are experiencing and sympathize. Let me know how you do.



Thanks so much Terri! I don't have a neurosurgeon and to be honest I hadn't thought of asking to go see one and my family doctor has never suggested sending me to one. I'll follow-up for sure!

Thanks again for the response, it was really helpful.



Ask about carpal tunnel. I have cervical disc problems, but one doctor said to me "If I didn't have your MRI in front of me I would think you had carpal tunnel." I said maybe I have carpal tunnel too?

He ordered an EMG/NCS and sent me to a hand surgeon. I had carpal tunnel too. After carpal tunnel release surgery, I still have neck pain, but the numbness in my fingers is gone.

Find a good neurosurgeon and have him/her look at your MRI. Usually when words like "mild" and "moderate" are listed, things are not urgent. But peace of mind is priceless.