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Posted in: Back pain, and Pain management.

sacrioiliac joint syndrome

Started by jenny23-6 on 10/25/2010 1:13pm

My pain mgmt dr just told me there is nothing else he can do for me. Sending me back to neurosurgeon,I've already had cervical c4-5 fusion and lumbar l5-s1 fusion. He thinks i have this syndrome even though the 3 injections he gave me didn't work and I've worn a brace for almost 3 mos. Went through therapy nothing is working. am off work because i can't stand for more than 15 min wt/ horrible pain. Has anyone else been told they have this and had any luck w/treatment?

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Hi Jenny,
Sorry to hear of your ongoing struggles.
I have had 4 L5/S1 fusions as well as 2 other lumbar surgeries over the past 20 years.
Along the way, in addition to the initial spondylolthesis diagnosis, there have been many others, including
degenerative sacro-illiac disease. I was sent to a physical therapist who had vast knowledge of the sacrum/sacral area. She finally told me every time she put my sacrum in place and I was off the table it was out of place again. Now I also have bi-lateral hip dyslpasia and somehow managed to have 3 children. My suggestion would be to find another PT that has experience with isometrics and understanding of sacal region. There are several simple exercises to stabilize the sacro illiac joints, which are on either side of the spinal column, as well as the pelvis. Even just changing therapists may benefit.
Peace and Blessings