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Back update

Started by backhurtsinthisarea on 10/14/2010 6:58pm

Going in for the pump trial coming up.
On methadone now, and it's a miracle, am able to do things I never was able to do before, hope I can get off it easily. I'm on a really really low dose so I expect to be able to.

My pump trial seems to be different, no take home temp, just a shot of the same pump medicine into the interthecal area and we wait 4 hours and then rate pain. Must be 50% better than first number.

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I have a Medtronic spinal cord stimulator and I have Many good things to say about it. I had a 37-year-old spinal fusion that failed. I was in excruciating pain, after giving up on getting any surgeon to repair the back, I went to a pain specialist. His comment after seeing the MRI and Ex-ray, was no surgeon is going to work on that back but I can fix it so you wont give a dam. After trying pain relief shots ( that is demanded before Medicare would pay on the stimulator) he had the stimulator installed temporarily for a three day trill, with the cords coming out of the back with the remote wired so I could adjust it. I could completely relive the pain and could walk with out any pain.
I had a model 37712 Medtronic spinal stimulator installed Feb. 29 2008 It works perfect, there is nothing showing (all under the skin), and a remote to put in my pocket.
The battery can be recharged at home and I do it twice a month. All I have to do is put the pre charged charger in bed and lay on it (so the charger is directly under the Stimulator), I can holed the remote control to see what condition the battery is in and start the charge. I normally go to sleep before it is charged (it takes about 1 Hr. for a full charge). When it is charged, it automatically turns off, when I get up I plug the charger into the wall socket to be recharged for the next time (it is plugged in all the time until I want to use it).
I have many adjustments available, one for night or day. I can add pain relief to any place lower than behind the heart and each side separate. Once I had a broken leg and turned it to that leg and walked in to the Dr. office & told him I thought I had a broken leg, he smiled and sent me to ex-ray. I held my leg up so the foot hung down, the Dr read the ex-ray and apologized to me for thinking, I wasn’t hurting so how could I have a broken bone, the Ex-ray showed a ¼” between the bones. I also use it to relieve knee pain. It has been a very successful.
James Lee


That's fantastic! Please keep us up to date on your progress, and best of luck!



I have one doctor bring u ptreatment with methadone injections; I know little about it, I have problems sticking with pain regiments with pain piils; I know nothing about a pump or if insurance covers this or how it is monitored. They want me to try a neruostimulator for my back and feet, I don't know what options I have to even bring it up in pain management. At what point is it necessary to try this. I am curious.I only know doctors that have given it in pill form. I am in new pain management and they seem like they know all about these things. They are evaluating my nueropathic pain and how to help me. My surgeons and doctors have been retesting me and seeing if they can get some relief for me. They are careful. Do you adimiinster it yourself or go in for treatment?