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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

The Scoliose give no pain??Is that True?

Started by Elie J. Azar on 10/14/2010 3:44am

Am a 28 years old male.I am scoliose by born with 28 degre lumbar.since 10 month i lift heavy weight wich cause to me unbelievable pain result.My MRI shows a tumor in T10T11 which i was operated for by laminectomy surgery.My doctor didnot touch the tumor.He only did laminectomy.After surgery the pain persiste.My neurosurgon doctor say to me that pain is coming from scoliose and muscle, I have visited the famous doctors of scoliose in my country and even i ask in the USA.All of them tell me that the scoliosis give no pain.I check another neurosurgon he tell to me that the pain is coming from my tumor wich should be removed by a personel dicision since it is risky to remove it. The pain is absent when am standing.It will start when i sit on a chair. Please related party, educated people doctors and research teams, for god sack you are all requeted to help me.please advice.please help. In need assistance. Thanks (lower back pain is located maybe 10 cm below the tumor).

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I hope u have fixed ur problem by now. If not i can comfirm that scoliosis causes litle or no pain . Ur problem is obviously that that tumor. Where do u live? Find a good neurosurgen that will find the cause of ur pain and fix it. Hope this helps


It depends on your body. I have had some pain from my 20° "S" shaped curve and it happened when I went to sit down. Since seeing a chiropractor for this pain I only get the pain once in a while. My bones were so tight that they were rubbing the nerve. I still have pain from stenosis and bulged discs but that sharp pain has improved. I also have the type of tumors I think you are talking about, but have read that they cause few problems and pain.