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Started by fatgrapeape on 10/01/2010 4:14pm

Hello everyone,

Just an update on my situation.
I found a Dr. to take out my SCS, a bit painful, but it was taken out nonetheless.

Now am on methadone and dropped off the Norco, so lowest dose Methadone once in morning, once in evening, and Perco for BT.
The looks I got when filling the script and from all the pharmacy people was awful, like I'm an addict or something. I know it's uses, but cmon, no need to make someone feel that badly.

As far as the methadone goes, it works really well, I see pain differently after the Dr. took time to show me how to describe my actual pain levels, when they spike, the main line of where my pain is, how the medicine affects that main line, etc. My overall number is cut in half with this, but the side affects are probably more than I will be able to handle. No sleep, memory loss, falling asleep, but not sleeping, bad anxiety.

Dr. said that with pump that will go straight into spine so there will be minimal side effects because the medicine doesn't have to stop in the liver and the bloodstream.

Anything that people would like to know?

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