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Posted in: Back pain, Kyphosis, Neck pain, and Surgery.

Finding a spine specialist

Started by ERGIRL31 on 09/28/2010 10:26am

My son at age 17 had to have spinal fusion due to Kyphosis(11 hour surgery), and had a second surgery for harware adjustment feb 2010.

So his pedi ortho doc said the two rods that run from bottom of his neck to top of his ass is permanent..He started to see another doc because he is 20 now, And this one says if hes having a lot of pain he could take the rods out .. How can we get 2 very different prespectives on this? and I would love for him to get a second opinion but there are absolutly no docs in my area that arnt part of Umass where he goes. Does anyone know about Kyphosis. had surgery, or any experiences that can help us out????

I am about ready to take him to Boston or frammingham for a second opinion.

thanks for any advice !!

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how bout calling the mass general orthopedic spine surgery dept. and asking for a specialist in kyphosis......pete


I've suffered with varying degrees of kyphosis due to ankylosing and Psoriatic Arthritis. My spine is fully ankylosed and I am now looking at surgery to eliminate more kyphosis as well as bone growths inside the spinal canal. More to the topic... you need to find "extremely qualified spinal surgeons" for your son. They're not at UMass or in Boston. Try Hospital for Special Surgeries in NYC; Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia, MidWestOrthopedics in Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis and UC-San Francisco Medical Center in California. There are, perhaps, six to eight "extremely qualified surgeons" to which I refer. I was also lucky to find an up-and-coming spinal surgeon at Florida Orthopedic Institute in Tampa. As far as pain, I have been on pain killers since the mid-80s.. starting with NSAIDS and including Percocet and Morphine tablets. Pain will be a constant because of the nerves effected along the spine. Yes, I have rods and screws from C-3 to L-5. I set off every detector in airports and court houses! Good luck. Your son is still young and who knows what medical miracles are ahead.