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ALIF using BMP~anyone have any experience?

Started by Rhonda on 09/21/2010 2:57am

I had an L5-S1 discectomy/lami back in 1996 that turned out poster-child perfect. The only meds I've needed for 13 years were Ibuprofen, and occasional muscle relaxer. I was able to work 2 jobs at points where I needed to, and had a normal life, except for no activites that caused impact on spine. (aerobics, etc.) I'm a nurse, and was injured lifting post-op patients last Sept. After 17 years, I have finally found an area of health care I have no respect for~ the work comp system. For 5 mo. they tried to tell me it was only a muscle sprain, then as time went on, it was SEVERE muscle sprain. In April I got a court order to get me away from the idiots and assigned to the neuro who had done my previous surgery- but he doesn't do surgery anymore, only office. He told me the new injury was to my old site L5-S1, and it has degenerative disc disease, as well as L4-L5 which was bulging in MRI last winter. L5-S1 was pain trigger on discogram, L4-L5 wasn't, but leaked dye.( nevermind the head to toe severe reaction after the discogram) He referred me to a doc at the spine institute for fusion after everything else failed. This surgeon is getting the authorizations now to do fusions at both those levels, using the titanium spacers/cages and BMP bone growth protein, with no hip graft. Reasearching it says it increases fusion success rate, and reduces healing time. He has already told me pain-free won't happen, but greatly reduced pain is possible, and that they will have me up the first day without back brace because it ill be stable immediately. He said PT in the pool would start at 2 weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has had this surgery?

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Hi, Ive had 4 fusions with my neuro with BMP. im so happy he didnt use hip bone. it has fused great. he fused my C5-6,6-7 this past may and fused L3-4,4-5 about 2 years ago. i did use a bone stimulator to help fuse faster.
i have a form of kyphosis and thats why ive had 5 surgeries and a 6th coming in dec. again, very happy he did the BMP
good luck