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I am having an Anterior spinal fusion L4,5 soon,has anyone had this type of surgery?

Started by debblue on 09/16/2010 7:57pm

I had a laminectomy with fusion L3,4,5 done in May of 2009. I was still having alot of pain after that. I was found to have loose screws in the L3,4 region,so had them removed in April of this year. I continue to have back,and Left leg numbness because the fusion did not take in that area,giving me an unstable spine, so now my Dr. want to do an anterior fusion of L4,5 to place a plate to secure those areas.
Has any one had one of these,and what was your outcome? I am anxious about this procedure because it being done from the front,instead of the back. Any advise would be helpful!!!!Thanks!!!

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Well, I had the surgery Oct. 11th,it has been a difficult recovery so far,but I am only 7 weeks out. Wearing a body cast for the next 3 months.....glad it is winter and not tempted to do things outside!
Just a test in patience...hopefully this will fix my back pain....will inform you more as I continue to heal,hopefully by March!!!


I am slowly starting to feel better,but do not want to push it. A couble of days ago, I was trying to get something from a lower shelf,a fell backwards on my butt. It has been bothering me the last few days. Hopefully a quick heal.Do not loose hope...your back WILL HEAL,just very very slowly.