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Fatigue after spinal surgery

Started by wif_a_tude on 09/16/2010 1:04am

Hi! I personally have not had spinal surgery, but my father has. Almost 2 months ago, he had an L2 to S1 spinal fusion. He has done fairly well, but my concern now is that he is really fatigued. For the last 3 days, he is sleeping all day either on the couch or in his bed. He is on Vicodin which he is taking 1 tablet twice a day and he is taking a Valium around mid day. Has anyone else had such fatigue after their surgery? My dad was moving around fairly good up until 3 days ago and didn't have the sleepiness/fatigue that he does now. He did have his first PT visit on Monday, but he said all they really did was stretching which he has done for years up until right before the surgery. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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I had a spinal fusion two months ago in the lumbar area. I'm still on a lot of pain meds. If you're dad is on muscle relaxers that will put him to sleep immediately. I nap two hours every day. I do a lot of walking and a lot at the physical therapy three times a week. As long as he doesn't have a fever from a infection. He should be fine. A spinal fusion is a big surgery a lot tougher than it looks. It's only a six-inch cut. I am 49 years old and having a tough time. Hope this helps. Sam


Yep, meds and motion potentially the mix but definately discuss with physical therapist. Even though it may have been just 'stretching', it is puttine a lot of input into the nervous system which can affect people in different ways. Check out also with GP for medication mix.
All the best. Donna McCook