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not a canidate for sugrey L1 has a bone chip lying on spinal cord

Started by bingo10ca on 09/11/2010 3:16pm

6 months ago I went to my new Dr. (insurance made the change ) and told her about my back pain she gave me some pain medication told me to come back in a month I did and and told her my pain was much worse MY DR. suggested I not take the pain medication cause people my age get addict I was so mad that she was not helping .I left her office and call my insurance. they gave me a name of a bone surgeon who sent me for MRI when he call me the next day and he show me 3 conpression fractures but even more theres a bone chip @ the L1 leaning on the spinal cord . This Dr. said this is way ouy of his xpertise and sent me ASAP to a neronsurgen . DR. said what a surgery would be and at my age (68) 40 yrs of smokeing and haveing parkison he would not do the surgery and told me to come back in 2 months big deal .
My question to anyone that might know what happens next ??? I was told my both DRs that look at the MRI that any moment i could be parrazised (sorry spelling is so bad ) and must have surgery that was until my age smokleing and parkinson became a facter . NOW I sit wondering how thin gs will progress from here ty my name is Marge

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