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17 year old son has Degenerative Disk Disease & Kyphosis

Started by Novemberhills on 08/27/2010 3:08pm

I am new to this forum (and new to Spine trouble in general) and have a few questions. We have been told that my 17 year old son has Degeneratiive Disk Disease to T6, T7 and T8,with acquired Kyphosis. We have been looking for the cause of his "back pain" since 2008, even working with a chiropractor who NEVER MENTIONED kyphosis. The information I have found on this is mostly about older people. Can anyone give me information on younger people having this. Also, we have an appoinntment on September 1st with the Parr Spine & Neck Insitute and after reading the booklet they mailed us it states that the appointment will go over treatment options, but we will only be meeting with a PA (Physician's Assistant) as the Neurosurgeon is busy. He will go over all the records but the PA will deal with us. Is this common.

I would love for any answers as I am a scared mom, my son starts school Monday and I'm not sure where this road will take us. He was in Band (snare drums), taking Automotive in Trade School, and was joing the MEPS for the Air Force. He was even working on Physical Training exercises in advance thhrough the Air Force to be prepared for Basic Training. Now everything is on hold. We've talked to him about the possibility being there to change his future goals and he is disappointed.
I could really use some information on this. Will this worsen with time, is surgery needed, I can't imagine Physical Therapy with the amount of pain he is in. He is taking Flexeril 3 times a day and a pain medication. They've even told him no driving on meds. So confused....please help....

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To Novemberhills, I too am new to this forum. I was told this past week I would need fusion on L5, possibly L4. To confirm L4 I would need a diskogram and was researching when I discovered this website. I had surgery on L5 6 years ago, the repeat surgery is due to my not being responsible, no fault of the surgery. I also have DDD in L4 and L5. It is not always painful, other things could be causing the pain. My pain is caused by a herniated disc.

Help your son have patience and be patient with him. The pain level probably varies from day to day and during the day.

Meeting with a PA when seeing a Neurosurgeon, especially the first time is common. Don't worry. It has been my experience the PA's are very knowledgeable and can order any tests needed. They also tend to spend more time with the patients. Remember if anything critical happens the Dr is just down the hall. A PA has also performed several of my tests (their bedside manner is usually better too). I would ask the PA about the chiropractor though. That may not be a good thing.

I don't know anything about Kyphosis, but hang in there Mom. It may get a little worse before it gets better. But it will get better. People love to tell horror surgeries about back surgeries, but the 1st one had was the best thing I ever did and I wish I had not waited so long. The people who tell the horror stores are not usually the ones who have had surgery. Technology has come a long way. Do not give up hope. Plans may have to be adjusted, just do not cancel them. God Bless.


Hi, my son is also 17 and the doctor is making an appointment with a neurosurgen. He feels that my son has degerative disk disease.
Have you received any more information since you last posted?