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Twisted lumbar disk

Started by G-ma on 08/02/2010 7:29am

I had an appt. with a chiropractor last week who took x-rays of part of my neck and spine. He said I have degenerating disc @ the base of my neck, my previous straight neck bones are now curving towards the front and my lower back (l-5) is showing degeneration and the disk is actually twisted towards my right hip bone! I went to him for a stiff neck x 2 months. He started adjusting me without any of the normal heat or relaxation technique. After 2 treatments I had enough as my lower back started hurting where it had not before. I have fibromyalgia which is under control and lupis which is dormant. I also have copd and after his adjustments I was having stabbing pains in my right rib cage. He's mad because I stopped coming but he didn't find the scoliosis, arthritis or bone spurs that I had previously been diagnosed with by x-ray. My main concern is the twisted disk I saw on the x-ray. Four years ago I walked off a step thinking it was the last one and landed hard on my right foot, twisting my back. I was in pain for several months but continued to work. I had to back up to a wall to cough or sneeze and still have trouble riding long distances in cars. My question is do I need to do anything about this turned disk? Or just leave well enough alone. G-ma

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I'm sorry that you had a bad expierence with your chiropractor. When I speak to individuals or groups I always make sure I address the negative. One thing I would like you to consider is, if you had a bad expierence with a medical doctor, you most likely would get another opinion, you should give the chiropractic profession the same consideration. There are low force gentle chiropractic techniques which may be better suited for you, due to your history. I do believe that you can find relief from your pain and improve the quality of your life with regular chiropractic spinal care. To answer you question concerning your twisted lumbar disc, further diagnostic work-up should be done to determine if structural mis-alignment of L5 that you observed on the x-ray is causing your pain.