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Chronic LBP/Spondylolithesis

Started by TuckyMouze on 07/30/2010 2:44pm

I had surgery in September 2008 to fuse my L5. They used the cage and cadaver bone in the surgery as well as the normal hardware. It took months to be able to walk normally again, and this was after aquatic therapy. My company let me go as soon as my short-term disability was up. Six months later my husband was laid off. He is still not working and I am unable to sit more than an hour or two without getting into extreme discomfort or pain, so there is no insurance. Social Security Disability tells me I am not disabled so I get no help there. I saved $50 to see the doctor today and he says I need and MRI and CatScan to look and see what is still causing the cronic pain and discomfort. It's a joke to get help. Since I did not have insurance it was like he wanted nothing to do with me. He just asked questions and did not even examine me. Does anyone know of any free clinics anywhere that can help you? Or, at least some organizations that could help. I live in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Ohio area. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give. I can't take the pain much longer. I cry almost every day now.

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You poor girl *hugs* your in my thoughts, I am just now seeing ur post. I'm so sorry no one has responded. Can u qualify for disability medicaid or the normal medicaid? I know how it is to have no insurance with a medical condition and it is scary!!!! I believe with all my heart that we need universal health care. For a developed country, we have a very poor health care system. Plz keep me posted on how u are doing, take care.