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Nerve Damage

Started by gray809 on 07/29/2010 3:00pm

I had surgery 10 weeks ago, which my Dr. did a lumbar fusion of L4- 5 S1 and 2. Was doing good, now in the last two weeks I've been falling. Now my Dr. think one of my screw may be touching a nerve. Had a Myelogram to see if I have some nerve damage. Just want to know if someone out there is having this problem or had it in the past, if so how do you know if your nerves are damage on your films........Please help!!!!! One of my screws is bent or didn't go in straight....

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Nerve damage is really painful I have nerve damage during surgery L4-L5 lumber fusion. I have paralyzed my leg and have a lot of pain. I do not think your nerve damade
Think positive.


I sincerely hope that you don't have nerve damage. Is a myelogram similar to MRI with contrast? I'm supposed to have one of those soon, am having problems post spinal fusion surgery 8 weeks later, after taking off back brace and starting physical therapy. Am back on back brace and quit PT. Have leg cramps in midd.le of night, foot drop when walking, numbness in toes, pain in lower left back side which gets worse with sitting and lying down. The plate & screws were only put on left side, I'm wondering if that's part of the problem. Hope to find out soon and pray it doesn't require more surgery. Am supposed to return to work in less than one month; seems less likely every day.

Good luck. Please Let me know how you are doing.