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degernative disk disease

Started by sed5126 on 07/25/2010 8:11am

I am 30 years old, and since 2007 i have had 4 discectomy's on my l5 s1, i am still in major pain and i have in the last month gone to another Dr. who says that i should have a fusion. My question is should the previous Dr. done a fusion 3 surgerys ago? I have now had to claim disability because i just cant do anything anymore, I cant even put on my shoes by myself. They told me from day one that i have degenerative disc disease, i am not sure what to do with this other dr. please help!

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Hi sed5126
Ask your doctor to look into ambulatory spinal unloading devices. This is a unique new treatment modality for many causes of low back pain and combines mobility, flexibilty and a quick return to normalcy with pain relieving spinal unloading.

Because this treatment modality is so new, many health care givers are not yet aware of it or if they are aware, may be reluctant to recommend it because of its newness. It is however a non-invasive and self administered treatment modality so if it aggravates your pain or doesn't give relief you can simply quit using it with no adverse side effects either way.

There are a number of these new devices out there and they can be found if you search using "ambulatory spinal unloading" for your search words. In order to ensure the device you pick will actually work, make sure it has the following features; 1) it is made completely of soft materials to ensure comfort, 2) it has two attachment belts as developing unloading is not possible with just one belt, 3) it does not have a short recommended duration of use as the full benefits of spinal unloading can only occur with time, so the longer duration of use each day, the longer the rejuvenation period, the more benefits.

As a cautionary note and to be clear and transparent, I am involved in one of the companies that created and sells an ambulatory spinal unloading device. That said, the impetus to create the device was my degenerative spinal arthritis caused chronic low back pain and since I can honestly say that the device gives me relieve, I am more than willing to put myself in the line of fire in order for others to have the opportunity to enjoy that relief as well.