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Synovial cysts

Started by Cut Throat on 07/24/2010 9:45am

I had an MRI done and it showed two synovial cyst one was 14 X 12 mm the other 10mm at L-5S-1
with the mass efffect on the S-1 nerve. No wonder I could not walk I thought I had a broken hip and a broken foot it was awful. I finally went to an Orthopedic Dr and he ordered an MRI and gave me Diladid for the pain. They had my insurance jump through hoops and I had a MRI done within two days. I called the Dr office for the results and was told he would see me in six weeks with the results.
He gave me pain pills for 10 days......so I went to the facility that did the MRI and demanded a hard copy of the MRI and the radiolgists report. At first they said I would have to go to the Drs office and since their office was full of people I was quite assertive and demanded my stuff because the Dr was too busy to see me I was in pain and I was going to find a Dr who had time to treat me. I said my insurance had already paid them and it worked they gave me everything I ased for.......boy what pain can do to a womans assertiveness...............
I read the report and it said I had two synovial cyst in both facets at L-5-S-1 with the mass effect on the S-1 nerve.
I then emailed my Thyroid Cancer Dr with the results of the MRI and she referrred me to an Ortho Ped Dr he prescribed Neurontin and Celebrex and then referred me to a Spine and Pain Dr. I had surgery and he aspired the cyst and injected me June 11. I felt great for about month and I am in much discomfort. I have another place on my bottom that hurts so when I went bac for my check up with the Spine Dr July 20 he looked at my bottom and said I had a pinodial cyst and to see a general sugeon. He scheduled me for Aug 16 for another injection. I went to the general surgeon and he looked at my bottom and felt the agate sized knot on my bottom and said that what I had was not a pinodial cyst because there is no hair follicles in the location.......so he wanted me to get a Cscan with contrast......
I went to the hospital to get it scheduled and the Dr has to get pre authorization with my insurance before they will pay for it. The general surgeon also told me he would not be able to help me I needed a neuro surgeon...I told him I had the MRI with me and he would not even put the disk in his computer......please.....I think since the Spine Dr is on vacation I will wait and go back to him.
I have been dealing with thyroid cancer stage four for 10 years after eight neck surgeries and a couple RAI treatments I am still alive......thus my neckname Cut Throat....have educated myself with the health care system. I am aware that if you are not aggressive almost demanding you can fall through the cracks. I live on a ranch on a mountain top surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest in NM........so I have to travel to find Dr's to help me.....
Has anyone dealt with synovial cysts or pinodial cysts?
I thought my pain in the neck (thyroid cancer) was bad but
this pain in my Ass is awful!
Please help me understand.......I have been trying to read my MRI thinking the pinodial cysts or whatever they are will show up as they are rather large and hurts.
Thank you for letting me tell someone my thoughts
An enchanted Cut Throat
with a disenchanted Ass

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Dear Cut Throat:

I am responding not with advice, 'cause I have far different problems than you, but to tell you to keep your sense of humor! I know you're in pain, but I had to admit I chuckled after I read your post. Especially the closing . . . "An Enchanted Cut Throat with a disenchanted Ass!" Well, I guess I do have some advice. I know you want to see a doctor right away, but make sure you see the right doctor. Is the spine doctor a neurosurgeon? 'Cause it sounds like that's what you need. Anyway, update us when you see a doctor.

Thanks for making me laugh, even in my pain.



I have every sympathy with you. I have been suffering for over 5 years now with what I have always assumed was siatica. I have had 4 root block injections of which 2 worked wonderful for about 3 years and the last two had no affect whatsoever. In April of this year I woke up with no feeling in both of my legs and ended up in hospital for 5 weeks. It transpired that I had 2 very large inflamed cysts on discs 4 and 5 in my spine. I had surgery to remove these cysts and was told that they would not come back. Well after the operation I had no siatica pain whatsoever but guess what it has come back like you would not believe. I can stand , lie and walk with no trouble but I cannot sit for more than about 15 minutes before the pain starts again. Recently had another MRI scan (my fourth) to be told that the cyst had come back on the left side of my spine. I now have to go in for more surgery in approximately 2 months to remove the cyst. I have been told that they normally do not come back after surgery but this has not been true in my case. The surgeon has told me that he will remove it and release the ciatic nerve.

I am at my wits end with the pain in my leg and more so in my left buttock. Like you I have this large knot in the left side of my bottom and to say it is painful is putting it mildly. I just hope that this next lot of surgery is successful and gets rid of the pain. I am totally fed up with taking tablets for this problem. Gabapentin, Diclofenac, Omeprazole and now Tramadol to help me try to sleep. If anyone has any answers out there I would love to hear from you.

I wish you well Cut Throat and hope that you can get the help you need.


I am new to this site but I am a veteran of back pain - 4 months of doctors, drugs, and diagnosis. My story is probably typical of others: After a week of daily doses of ibuprofen (2400 Milligrams) and an xray my primary care physician diagnosed DDD and scheduled an MRI. My third attempt at the MRI was successful (at 67 years old I found out that I am hyper claustrophobic. No enclosed tubes for me) and I finally got an appointment with a local spine center and learned I had a synovial cyst aggravating nerves in my spinal column. To shorten this story I have had drugs, physical therapy, and one epidural with no long lasting impact on pain. Starting this last week I decided that I would ignore the advice of many: "don't lie in bed and be inactive. It only makes the situation worse". and I started bed rest on Monday. It is Friday and the pain has gone from a 10 to a 3. I still do exercises once a day and some minor stuff but the pain remains at 3. My wife and I are planning to attend a two music concert this week end and we will be traveling next week by car 400 miles to her family reunion. I am indebted to the post on this site that suggested letting the human body repair itself. It certainly worked for me.


I feel your pain as I have synovial cysts on both sides of L4-L5. The lower back pain is moderate but the buttocks and pain in both legs can be intolerable. My condition has worsened in the past six months and after exhausting all the conservative treatment methods, it is apparent that the cysts will have to be removed by surgery.

Here are my questions to all of you:

1. If you have undergone Microdecompression Spine Surgery, what have been the results? If the cysts have re-formed, how long after the surgery did this occur?

2. Any experiences with Spinal Fusion in conjunction with Decompression?

Thanks so much for your help.