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back pain and strong lower back pain

Started by saborith on 07/19/2010 11:11pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

My wife got problem of back pain and lower back pain for 3 years ago after she gave a birth of my boy and it was stayed pain until now.
She is 24 years old now. Nowadays, she starts more hurt from her back and specially on her lower back bone.

We are not treatment by medicament yet but we just tried with Kinetics massage.

Could you advice us with this problems

Best Regards,


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Dear Saborith,
I am a twenty three year old female myself and I have been dealing with low back pain and disc problems since I was 14. I have not had any children yet but I think the best thing for your wife to do is to see her primary care doctor and have x-rays and possibly an MRI done of her lower back. Depending what the tests reveal will determine the next step of action for her. Physical therapy is sometimes helpful and I personally get most of my relief from chiropractic manipulations. I personally have had three back surgeries for herniated discs and up until a hip injury in January of this year I have felt great and had no pain or other symptoms. I wouldnt mess around with finding the cause for your wifes back pain. My doctors dinked around for just a matter of a couple weeks and in that time I fully herniated a disc and it resulted in nerve damage in my left leg. Thankfully after having surgery to correct the herniation I gradually over about 4 months gained back full feeling in my leg and the nerve healed itself but its nothing to mess with. Things can change quckly. I hope I was able to give you advise that will help you and your wife. Good Luck.