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Want to find a top neurosurgeon in NJ

Started by janney550 on 07/06/2010 4:36pm

I did get some names of neurosurgeons from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ 08901 which includes a name also given to me by my primary doctor. I have heard so many negative things in general about back surgery and I'll travel, if necessary, to find the best or one of the best ones in this field.

I have a herniated disk resting on my sciatic nerve, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, degenertive disk disease, other herniated or bulging disks, and my primary problem is located by L4/L5. I have tried pain management for a while, only to have had too many cortisone injections into the same general area, and 2 months later wound up in the hospital with an adrenal insufficiency. I also have a bad case of fibromyalgia.

I am trying to find a neurosurgeon very experienced with complex back problems and who has a lot of experience with minimally invasive surgery such as discectomy. I am also willing to travel to NYC for a top surgeon.

Please give me names of those that are highly recommended...and maybe those that I should totally avoid as well.

Thank you.

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My pain management doctor which is a neighbor. She said all the surgery centers in central New York have approximately the same failure rate. I would ask your family practitioner for a referral. He/she would not steer you wrong. You are very fortunate to live by the bigger cities where you can have a choice. Good luck with everything I am sure you will make all the right decisions.


Also check out vitals.com and ratemd.com to make sure there are not many negative votes/comments.

Other options include going to the top rates neuro hospitals in the US - Cleveland, Mayo and John Hopkins.

Ensure 1) your doctor has fellowship in spine 2) see if you the doc can give you patient reference (difficult)

I've been through a diskectomy in 2003.

All the best.


I have been to 3 doctors over the last 2 1/2 years. 2 were in Philadelphia and 1 in NJ. I am now using the one in NJ. He did a laminectomy in May of 2009 for my siatica and it was a great success. He now is going to do a TILF at L5-S1 and decompression at L3, L4 and L5. He is a neurosurgeon and a spine specialist. I have total trust in him. He does not sugar coat anything and tells you like it is.

Coastal Spine
Dr. Mitchell
Mt. Laurel, NJ


its really hard to find a neurosugeon u can trust.
im almost at the surgery level
got great reports about a refered doctor, and then got one bad one. Now i dont know what to think.
started to go to the hospital of special surgery in ny
takes forever for appointments but i have an appointment for next month
for lumbar problems u should look into laser (arthroscopic) spine surgery first
they cant do too much for the cervical


I went to a top spine surgeon in Phila. His name is Dr. Todd Albert. He is co-director or director of the Spine Program at Rothman Institute, which is part of Thomas Jefferson Medical School. He is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful person to deal with.

The second surgeon, whom I would also highly recommend is Dr. James Harrop, Thomas Jefferson Dept of Neurosurgery.

In my case there were 2 surgeons with Dr. Albert as the lead. But they are both top notch. At Jefferson you will get proper surgery. My only complaint is that they did not respect the extent of my pain, but that sounds common almost everywhere.

Good luck with your surgery. If you can get into see either Dr. Albert or Jim Harrop, then you will not regret it. There may be a delay since they are top surgeons. In fact, Dr. Albert is now president of Rothman Institute and professor of neurosurgery at Jeff. Jim Harrop is an Assoc. prof. of neurosurgery and also extremely good.

In my case I met with Dr. Albert then he called Jim Harrop and got had Harrop assist. My surgery was upper cervical with multi-level fusion. Hopefully, your surgery will be easier. Feel free to contact me for any additional info.



im going for surgery also. cervical Im going to see IN law
dr elowitz ny,ny
got great rating
ill let u guys know how i make out.
for lumbar, talk to atlantic spine .com ( LSS)
they are very honest Dr. liu is a GOOD DOCTOR
antonio is great!
it seems, laser spine surgery has come along, for the lumbar spine.


If you are prepared to travel as far as the San Francisco Bay Area I can recommend an excellent
neurosurgeon at Stanford Medical Clinic who performs a lot of spine surgery.

He is Dr Carragee, a senior surgeon who operated on my lower back after years of acute pain and an inability to stand unaided for more than a few minutes. I had been diagnosed with chronic spondiolisthesis, herniated discs at L4/L5, L5/S1, and associated foramenal stenosis.
I wasalso highly motivated for a good outcome and followed his instructions religously to get moving and walking as soon as possible after the surgery. The results were very good and I can recommend him without reservation.
Good luck.