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Lower Back pain-left upper thigh pain & left arm pain

Started by CARYLZ on 07/04/2010 12:00pm

I have already had 2 surgeries on my neck because of debilitating-throbbling pain down my left arm, which would not go away. The 2nd surgery-a 3 level fusion of C4 & 5&6--took ONE year to take away 50% of the pain. Now it's coming back. BUTTT the lower back pain is now at its worst. I don't want surgery!! I have used a TENS unit, ehhh --sometimes it works--sometimes it seems to cause more problems--pain down my legs. Butt now whats with this new symptom--pain in my lower back and my left HIP --down my left leg. The pain lessens when I don't stand on that left foot. That would be great if I was good at 'skipping' only using my right leg. I'm 56 years old and my body is falling apart at a faster rate than my 80 year old mother. "Now whatz that about??" I take meds, and use lots of 'lidoderm patches--and Icy hots (crap) and other creams. HELP! ALSO---how does one know if she has Fibromyalgia? I have constant nerve pain only on my Left Arm & left leg. The doc gave me Lyrica. I think it works?? but not sure.

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